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Send a parcel to Northern Ireland

Sending postage to Northern Ireland can be daunting when you check numerous web pages and have to input the same information repeatedly. It gets more annoying when you almost confirm the shipment and notice extra hidden costs added to the final price.

At Packlink, we value transparency and fair prices for both individuals and businesses. That is why we have created a free online comparison tool where you find the most affordable rates from different couriers to your destination. It completely removes the need to go and wait in line at a post office and saves lots of time and money.

Send a Parcel to Northern Ireland From the UK With Packlink

Packlink offers domestic and international parcel delivery services to any part of the world. We also have a good connection between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland with possibilities to ship a large or small parcel even in a short time.

We offer the most affordable prices for parcel delivery from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland regardless of the parcel weight and size. Packlink also offers the cheapest rates for standard and express parcel deliveries from the most trusted shipping leaders in the market: UPS, Evri, DPD, among many others. We also have a continuous partnership with those international couriers companies that allow us to drop the price by 70% on international shipments and up to 50% on national deliveries.

Postage Cost to Northern Ireland

To learn how much it costs to send a parcel to Northern Ireland you should decide which delivery service you would like to get. Packlink offers the following:

  • Express
  • Standard
  • Economy

You can choose to send express parcels to Northern Ireland or next-day delivery, which is a perfect option for those who need to ship their item or documents urgently. The economy delivery is very secure, with__ the shipping being a bit longer__.

Additionally, you can also arrange door-to-door delivery if your parcel is heavy and you cannot transport it to the post office. You can select a collection point at your home or office, and the courier will come to the given location. In the same way, you can choose the drop-off point where a receiver can pick up the parcel. The courier can bring the label depending on the shipping company, so you don't have to print anything.

Your next step is to type the parcel weight (kg), length and width (cm), and the Packlink comparison tool will show the rates depending on your delivery address. You can get a quick parcel quote and also check the rates from different couriers.

To get an idea of the shipping costs to Northern Ireland let's test our comparator and try sending a parcel to Belfast with Packlink:

Shipping Cost to Northern Ireland
1 kg£ 5.63
5 kg£ 8.64
10 kg£ 9.90
20 kg£ 15.96

If your parcel is hard to load, you can contact Packlink in advance to request assistance. Once the parcel is picked up, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to check the location of your item or documents.

How to Send a Large Parcel to Northern Ireland

If you plan to send a large parcel to Northern Ireland, you need to consider a couple of details. First of all, you need to provide the exact measurements of your parcel: length, width (cm) and weight (kg). Secondly, you should pack it properly so your item will not be damaged during transit. It is good to purchase Packlink insurance that will cover the cost of damage, partial or total shipment loss.

You can send a parcel on a pallet or in a box, and it is always good to add extra protection. Your item can be wrapped into foam or bubble sheets so it won't move inside. If your item is on a pallet, then attach it tightly and wrap it if needed. And if you plan to send a bike, musical instrument, glass bottle, make sure to check how it needs to be packed correctly.

Depending on the weight of your item, make sure to choose durable materials. If you are unsure if the box can handle the weight, you can pack the item into an additional box.

An excellent way to check if your item is packed well and secure is to shake it, and if there is no movement inside, it is good to go. Remember to close the package firmly, so it doesn't open and drop your item during parcel transit.

Another thing to remember is the label because you should stick it in a visible place so that the courier can scan the code printed on it. If the courier notices that the package is not packed correctly or it is missing the label, there is a chance that they will not accept your parcel, or it may get lost.

What to Know Before Sending Goods to Northern Ireland

There are some rules applied on the postage to Northern Ireland from the UK that you should know about. Apart from packaging, there are a number of goods that shipping couriers will not accept. The example of goods that are banned from being transported are:

  • Plants and animals
  • Post alcohol drinks
  • Inflammable liquids
  • Compressed gas
  • Antiques
  • Medicine
  • Tobacco Products
  • Weapon
  • Jewellery

Recorded Delivery to Northern Ireland With Packlink Pro

If you have an eCommerce business and want to make the collection and delivery process easier, then Packlink Pro will be a great addition to your company. When you register to the platform, you will have access to cheap postage to Northern Ireland and other places where you operate in.

The registration and the platform are free of charge, and you will need to provide some personal information and the number of parcels you send monthly. It doesn't have to be the exact number, nor will you be required to send that amount regularly.

Packlink Pro is an excellent addition to eCommerce companies because you can link them to certain platforms. In addition, you can monitor the orders, shipping status, and delivered parcels in one place. It allows you to receive multiple tickets for your bulk deliveries instead of receiving them one by one.

The platform also allows you to book and track a parcel delivery effortlessly. Apart from it being your monitoring tool, Packlink will assign you an account manager who will assist you in choosing the best rates, delivery options, and so on.

You will also have access to phone and chat support (during working days), where you can ask any question about your delivery to Northern Ireland.

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