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Send Postage to Poland

Sending a parcel to Poland can be daunting as you need to find the best courier company at a reasonable price. Many factors are affecting the price of postage to Poland. Sometimes there can be extra costs that stay hidden until you land on a payment page.

Packlink offers you an online comparison tool that is user-friendly and clear; you will have no trouble searching for a suitable courier. We always provide all of the necessary information on the website, give you an opportunity to purchase extra services, and continuously support our customers.

Effortless Parcel Delivery to Poland With Packlink

With Packlink, you will not need to worry about hidden fees, lost items, or even bringing your parcel to the post office. Everything can be done with a couple of clicks from the comfort of your home. When you open our main website, you will need to indicate where you want to send a parcel to Poland. You need to put the exact weight (kg), length (cm), width, and height (cm) of the parcel. You can also add additional packages. Next, click on 'Send', and you will see a list of shipping couriers ready to take your parcel to Poland or any other country in the European Union.

What Are the Pros of Sending Parcels to Poland With Packlink?

Packlink strives to deliver excellent services to the customers, make the shipping process as easy as it is possible, and offer attractive prices.

Affordable Prices Only at Packlink

Our comparison and booking platform will help you search for the lowest courier delivery offers to send a parcel to Poland. Thanks to Packlink courier rates, you can save up to 70% compared to public carrier rates.

Parcel delivery greatly depends on the destination, weight, dimensions, and other services that you would like to include, like parcel insurance. However, Packlink has cheaper shipping rates and shorter transit times.

Let's take a practical example and try to send a parcel to Poland from UK with our shipping comparator:

Shipping Cost to Poland
1 kg£ 16.80
5 kg£ 16.80
10 kg£ 19.76
20 kg£ 31.67

When you complete the order, you can get a parcel quote in a couple of clicks. There is an effortless way to get a quote from multiple shipping companies, including your local couriers.

Leading Couriers at Packlink

We only cooperate with trustworthy and professional couriers who deliver shipments worldwide.

Packlink has a negotiated agreement with the world's leading shipping couriers like UPS, DHL, Evri, DPD, among others. Due to the large volume of packages being shipped on a daily basis, you can enjoy the best prices of sending a parcel to Poland from the UK.

Courier Services Suitable For Your Needs

There are numerous courier services you can select for your parcel delivery. If you want it to reach Poland within 3 working days, you should opt for express delivery. It is quick, reliable, and most important, the recipient will be more than satisfied with fast parcel delivery.

There is also standard delivery service available; it is when your parcel reaches Poland strictly terrestrially. However, it shouldn't take many working days to arrive to the recipient.

The economy shipping service, on the other hand, is cheaper than standard parcel delivery. It is as safe as any other delivery, though, so you don't have to worry about your parcel getting lost.

Door-to-Door Service

Another advantage of parcel delivery to Poland with Packlink is flexibility. You can select a collection point if you don't want to carry a large and heavy package to a pick-up location. You can also choose a drop-off place that is convenient for you.

All you need to do is put the address where the courier needs to arrive and pick up the parcel, saving you a lot of time and effort. You don't even have to leave your office or home. The courier will collect it from your doorstep.

Packlink Insurance

The recorded cases of lost or damaged parcels people ship to Poland from the UK are very minimal. Still, we recommend purchasing our insurance to protect your parcel from possible risks like:

  • Damage to the parcel
  • Partial loss of the parcel
  • Total shipment loss

When you send a parcel to Poland, make sure to attach the label in the visible spot and do not cover the barcode with tape. This will help you prevent the loss of shipment. Properly pack your item inside so it wouldn't move around and get damaged.

Track Your Parcel to Poland

Once your parcel is picked up, you will receive a reference number to your email address. It is an alphanumeric code that you will use to track your parcel. Tracking is available on our and courier's web pages.

Packlink Pro Offers the Best Rates for Small Companies

Many owners of eCommerce businesses can benefit from our free online platform - Packlink Pro. Gaining access to this amazing service couldn't be easier. All you need to do is to register for free. In the registration form, please enter your personal details, number of shipments per month, and add your eCommerce platform. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will instantly receive access to the most cost-effective shipping services.

Packlink Pro is a great tool that doesn't require any subscription, and there is no contract binding you to the platform. You are not required to meet the monthly quota of shipments.

The Packlink account manager will be assigned to your account to guide you through our platform and to show you how easily you can manage your eCommerce shop and our tool in one platform. Your account manager will show you the best shipping rates to send any parcel to Poland.

Every shipping to Poland is tracked in one place as well. And before you confirm the delivery, you can also choose whether you want an express or economy service. Packlink Pro is designed to make your business better and your products more accessible to customers from other countries.

You may as well arrange shipments of items in bulk, print all of the labels at once, and check the status of each of them from Packlink Pro. Many clients will choose your eCommerce business because of rapid delivery.

Packlink Pro has individual telephone and chat support from Monday to Saturday if you ever face any problems.

Are There Any Restrictions for Postage to Poland?

Yes, some items cannot be sent in a parcel to Poland. Some goods are prohibited due to security reasons. Banned goods include:

  • Alcohol delivery
  • Animals
  • Antiques (equal or superior to 50 years)
  • Art
  • Inflammable liquids and substances (lighters, matches, oil-based paint, etc.)
  • Jewellery
  • Medicine (with and without prescription)
  • Money (credit and debit cards, checks, printed currency, etc.)
  • Plants

How to Pack a Parcel to Poland?

For your parcel to be accepted by the courier company, you need to follow certain packaging rules.

Make sure that the external packaging is in good condition and made of quality material. We do not recommend sending a parcel to Poland in a used box. Make sure that the item you want to send fits the package perfectly.

You should also pack your item internally; for example, you can use stretch film, tape, or bubble wrap. It will protect it from damage during parcel transit and ensure it's delivered in one piece.

Remember to close your box firmly so that it wouldn't get open during transit. Tape it properly, but do not cover the barcode.

Double-check the label you need to stick on the parcel. The label should be placed in a visible spot so that the courier can scan the code.

Certain goods (glass bottles, luggage, bikes, electronics) need to be [packed properly](https://support.packlink.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207647689-Packaging-instructions# h_01EM48TK24FZS3XJEA4Q5MMZPF/ "packed properly").

Book a Parcel Delivery to Poland Now

Packlink offers shipping services for both individuals and businesses. You can send a one-time parcel, benefit from budget-friendly express services, and enjoy Packlink Pro for free.

Go to the Packlink shipping comparison tool, choose one of the many leading couriers that fit your needs and budget, and confirm the shipment. Leave the rest to us - we will make sure your parcel reaches the final destination.

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