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How to Send Parcel to Hungary: All You Need to Know

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Parcel to Hungary from UK

You might think that sending parcels to Hungary might be a complicated task. There are many details to consider, and you may assume the delivery time would take ages. However, sending packages to Hungary and other nearby countries is relatively simple, and you only need to consider a few details before getting started.

Hungary Parcel Delivery Service

Hungary sits in a key location at the heart of Central Europe. It is a landlocked country surrounded by other European Union countries such as Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Thanks to the modernisation of transportation infrastructure in the area, courier services are now plentiful. Additionally, people can now send a parcel to Hungary without worrying about potential high costs and long transit times.

These factors made the country a prime location for cheap parcel delivery from the UK and other EU countries. You can easily send a parcel to Hungary on a budget with Packlink. Get a quote, book now and enjoy worry-free shipping.

The advancements in parcel deliveries allow consumers to have a fully trackable service. That means you can get updates regarding your packages, whether you are sending them to the booming city of Budapest or remote areas of the country.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Parcel to Hungary?

The cost of sending a package to Hungary may vary depending on the courier partners. Also, the parcel, length, weight, kg, and other information about the shipment play an essential role in determining the package's overall cost.

The maximum parcel weight also plays a significant role in the service cost. To give you a quick idea about your parcel delivery cost, let's look at some examples. A couple of T-shirts, hoodies and other light apparel may fit perfectly in a small-sized parcel with an estimated weight of about one to two kilos. Children's toys or a steam iron may fall between two to five kilos. For small power tools, select five kilos.

There are many online tools that you can use to understand how much Hungary delivery costs. These will help you get a clear picture of the lowest prices available on the market and the transit times. Just make sure your choice of delivery partner is reliable, trustworthy, and can handle your postage to Hungary with care and urgency. Book online now and get your parcels delivered anywhere in the country for the best price available.

Delivery Time to Hungary

Packages from the UK to Hungary usually take no longer than four days. This covers everything from the time you hand off your parcel all the way to the recipient's doorstep. Of course, a few factors affect the completion time of your parcel delivery, such as national holidays and other important events. Here are some of the National Holidays in Hungary this year.

  • Saturday 1 January: New Year’s Day
  • Tuesday 15 March: Revolution Day
  • Friday 15 April: Good Friday
  • Monday 18 April: Easter Monday
  • Sunday 1 May: Labour Day
  • Monday 6 June: Pentecost Monday
  • Saturday 20 August: Saint Stephen's Day
  • Sunday 23 October: Republic Day
  • Tuesday 1 November: All Saints' Day
  • Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day
  • Monday 26 December: 2nd Day of Christmas

What are the Things I Can Send to Hungary?

The Hungarian Customs use the same principles and implements customs duties similar to other countries. Their primary goal is to eradicate any entry of illegal shipments such as drugs, explosive materials, weapons, and other illicit items crossing the country's borders.

Before sending a parcel to Hungary, it is always best to check the country's item restrictions list. On that list may be found national monetary instruments, including stocks, bonds, bank drafts, treasury bills, and parcels containing items that infringe copyright, such as counterfeit and copied CDs and DVDs.

If you're also trying to send parcels that carry print materials, publications, and illustrations that incite hatred toward a particular demographic will also not be permitted. On top of the country's restrictions, you also have to take note of the items that aren't allowed by your courier service provider.

Notable Extra Banned Items

Parcels containing phytosanitary goods such as plants and seeds not originally found in the EU must carry valid health and phytosanitary certificates from the shipment's origin country. There are also a few restrictions and regulations regarding food shipments. Dairy products such as eggs and milk shipments have strict rules when it comes to shipping to the country.

Like any other country, Hungary implements a firm rule for packages containing radioactive materials, non-prescriptive drugs, and any form of firearms.

For fast and effective parcel deliveries, all necessary paperwork and customs documents must be fulfilled at the time of shipping.

Use Proper Address Coding

When using international services such as sending parcels from the UK to Hungary, it is essential to know the country's proper addressing rules.

The writing should be clear and concise to minimise any issues about the postage to Hungary. The recipient's address should always be located in the lower right-hand corner of the label on your parcel. Aside from that, you should also follow the example prepared by the Universal Postal Union.

Courier Services, Parcel Delivery, and Customs Clearance

Almost all courier services know that a parcel sent to Hungary needs a customs clearance. For everything to go smoothly, you need a customs invoice to go along with your package.

Also, the parcel might be subjected to customs duties or import taxes. If this is the case, the responsibility for fulfilling this will fall into the recipient's hands. They usually need to pay any associated customs fee before the parcel can be delivered to their address.

Brexit also affected the way we typically send a parcel delivery to Hungary. From January 1st, 2021, a proper customs declaration is required for any shipments from the UK to Hungary. Most of the time, your courier service provider will guide you through the process of providing the appropriate information that allows the Customs to process your parcel correctly.

How to Prepare Your Parcel to Hungary

Securing your package is the number one priority of people sending things to other places. It is best to properly prepare your parcel and wrap your shipment with protective materials such as bubble wraps, extra cover, and sturdy boxes to avoid any damage.

A used box might be good if you're cutting out costs, but it may cause your package to collapse during parcel transit. It is best to put your precious items in a new box to eliminate any weak spots on your parcel.

A loosely wrapped parcel is more susceptible to scratches and damage during delivery. To avoid any damage to your items, secure your shipments with protective material. Lastly, properly seal your parcel using packing tape. Just make sure important details such as the shipping label and bar codes are still visible after wrapping your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Cheap Parcel Delivery Deals to Hungary?

Packlink provides flexibility and competitive deals for your shipping needs. It is the ideal choice for small business owners and personal delivery services shipping to any part of the globe. Their online comparison tools offer complete and detailed information about your shipment's cost, delivery time, and other relevant information.

Can I Send Food to Hungary?

Non-perishable goods are allowed for parcel shipment to Hungary. Just make sure any store-bought foods have a best before the date of six months and over before shipping. The food should also be in its original container and remain unopened. Examples of these would be chocolates, crisps, canned foods, spices, etc.

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