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Postage to Ireland

Finding a good courier service to Ireland from the UK might be stressful as you have to contact different couriers, save and compare prices. Then you need to spend hours figuring out which transit time is the fastest, what requirements you should be aware of, and finally, you will need to take your package to the collection point and pay for the parcel. Along the way, you may face complications with the dimensions of your package, parcel weight, or just the final price.

Packlink has come up with a solution so you can send any type of parcel to Ireland effortlessly. Now you don't have to leave your comfy chair to select a shipping courier, nor do you need to travel to a faraway place. Let us show you how.

Stress-Free and Quick Parcel Delivery to Ireland

Packlink is the online comparison tool that allows you to search for an affordable courier for any kind of parcel to the selected location in Ireland from the UK. Packlink helps you find the lowest prices of excellent courier shipping services. And best of all you don't have to call anyone or leave the comfort of your home.

Our comparison platform allows you to compare different factors that affect parcel delivery prices and lets you choose cost-effective shipping options. And you can send a parcel from the UK to Ireland in 4 easy steps.

Postage Cost to Ireland

Let's take a practical example and try to send a parcel from Leeds to Dublin with Packlink's shipping comparator:

Shipping Cost to Ireland
1 kg£ 14.50
5 kg£ 14.50
10 kg£ 17.87
20 kg£ 20.26

Try it for yourself: with different weights and sizes or with different cities of origin and destination, prices may vary. Sending a parcel to Ireland or from Ireland to UK via Evri or other international courier service from your home has never been easier! Remember also that you can send your parcels abroad to over 200 countries just as easily.

Reasons to Deliver Parcels to Ireland With Packlink

Sending a Parcel With the World's Leading Carriers

Shipping to Ireland couldn't be faster and more affordable than with our partnered couriers. Packlink has arranged a commercial agreement with leading couriers, which drastically lowers the price of shipments due to a large volume of deliveries. Our users will always have the best shipping rates from the UK to Ireland, and vice versa.

We cooperate with the following couriers:

Variety of Courier Services

All the listed delivery companies take great care of your parcel, regardless of its size, length, and weight, and deliver it to the final destination in one or more working days. The transit time depends on the type of service you prefer:

The express shipping option means your parcels to Ireland will be delivered the same-day or the next day. In the case of standard shipping, the parcel delivery will be strictly terrestrial and can take up to a couple of working days. And the economy option has even lower rates, it can take a longer time, but your parcel will be safely delivered.

Packlink's courier services include extra options that will make your life easier. You can select the collection place wherever it is convenient for you (at your office or home). In the case of large parcel deliveries, it is a massive advantage because you do not have to drag it anywhere; the carrier company comes to pick it up. You can also select a drop-off location that is closest to you. Leave the rest to us - we will inform you once the shipping to Ireland is in progress.

Packlink Insurance

We offer to obtain insurance for your items, too. Please note that the recorded cases of lost or damaged parcels are minimal. If you put the label in the visible place and properly pack the goods, you will avoid possible delays.

Even though we place great trust in our partnered courier companies, we still offer Packlink insurance cover for a couple of reasons:

  • Damage to the parcel
  • Partial loss of the parcel
  • Total shipment loss

Instant Quote

After choosing all of the services you wish to have, you can easily get a quick quote with Packlink. We have instructions to help you receive your quote instantly.


Once you send your parcel to Ireland, you will receive a reference number. It is an alphanumeric code that helps you find the location and progress of the parcel delivery. Use this number to track the shipment to its final destination in Ireland.

Things to Know Before You Send a Parcel to Ireland

Every country has specific shipping requirements you need to follow, and Ireland is not an exception. The parcel delivery to Ireland highly depends on how to pack them and what things you want to ship.

Packaging Requirements

Before you send a parcel, make sure to follow the 5 rules of packaging instructions.

  1. External packaging - It is important to select a study packaging appropriate to the parcel weight and length. The material of packaging should be in good condition.
  2. Internal packaging - It is recommended to wrap your item into foam or bubble sheets in order to protect it from getting damaged. If it is a large parcel, you can firmly attach it to the pallet, wrap it in stretch film and ship it.
  3. Closing and sealing - To protect your package from damage during parcel transit, make sure to tape the package tight. In the case of a large item, add extra cardboard on the sides.
  4. Documentation - The printed labels should be placed in a visible area. The courier later scans the barcode; that's why you need to make sure you do not cover the code with tape.
  5. Packaging by type of item - Before you plan to send a parcel to Ireland, make sure to learn how to pack certain good like bikes, glass bottles, musical instruments, and other fragile items.

Prohibited Items

There are certain goods you should avoid shipping to Ireland. The items are prohibited due to carrier restrictions and security reasons. The examples of the banned goods are:

  • Alcohol delivery
  • Inflammable liquids (lighters, perfumes, oil-based paint)
  • Compressed gas (lighters, gas tanks, sprays)
  • Antiques (any item equal to or superior to 50 years)
  • Medicine (with or without prescription)
  • Plants and animals

Send Any Parcel to Ireland With Packlink Pro

You can significantly benefit from Packlink Pro if you are the owner of a small eCommerce business that would like to deliver orders to customers in Ireland quickly and efficiently.

It is a free platform where you can register online. There are no hidden fees and no contracts. During the registration, you will need to specify how many parcels you want to send per month (you will not be required to meet the monthly quota) and which eCommerce website you use. Afterward, you will instantly gain access to the best and cheapest courier services.

To help you manage your account efficiently, one of the Packlink account managers will be assisting you. We will show you the most cost-effective parcel delivery options for small or heavy items to Ireland.

Thanks to Packlink Pro, with one click, you will send a parcel to Ireland and track the client's order; additionally, you can link your eCommerce platform with our online tool and do the business on a single website.

Packlink Pro will save you time and money when sending a single package or in bulk to Ireland. Packlink Pro has individual telephone and chat support from Monday to Saturday if you ever face any problems.

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