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DPD Parcel Delivery at an Affordable Price

Packlink is proud to offer its services as a DPD courier, offering the full range of DPD services including both domestic and international deliveries. As a company with a long history and stellar reputation, DPD handles over 2 million parcels each day. From domestic parcels to international shipping, DPD has everything you need to send a parcel to almost everyone, anywhere in the world.

What Does DPD UK Offer?

DPD provides both domestic and business-focused delivery services with its range of options.

For domestic deliveries, DPD offers a reliable DPD Pickup service. Packages can be dropped off at one of the many DPD pickup stores in the United Kingdom and process the entire delivery with minimal hassle.

For international deliveries, there’s DPD Classic and DPD Classic Pick Up. DPD Classic is a specialised delivery service designed for international packages, offering full delivery tracking and additional protection cover if required. DPD offers some of the best rates for parcels up to 30kg to European destinations. DPD aims to deliver your packages in 2 to 8 days with some deliveries reaching popular destinations in Europe such as France, Germany and Spain in just two working days.

The booking process also covers any customs documents that are required. This is made easy with DPD’s paperless service, so all you need to do is print off a shipping label and attach it to your package. In addition, DPD allows customers to change delivery details in-flight. Whether it’s changing the time of the delivery or requesting it to be delivered to a neighbour, customers can request these services at any time during the package’s transit.

DPD Parcel Delivery in the UK

In a nutshell, here's what you can expect from DPD domestic delivery services:

  • DPD Pickup service available, parcel delivery time: 2-8 days (for DPD Classic)
  • Premium service: DPD Pick Up Express, parcel delivery time: just 1-2 days
  • Easy and convenient paperless service
  • Possibility to make in-flight changes regarding DPD delivery service
  • Over 2,500 DPD drop off points in the United Kingdom
  • Reliable couriers ready to deliver your parcels quickly and safely
  • Efficient live tracking service that allows you to track your parcels in real-time

International Shipping with DPD

Here's everything you need to know about international shipping with DPD:

  • Delivery to key destinations in Europe and worldwide
  • Reliable parcel delivery services at affordable prices
  • Estimated delivery time to the EU countries: 3-5 working days
  • Estimated delivery time to other countries: 3-7 working days
  • Signature tracking for proof of delivery
  • A secure transit system that guarantees your parcel gets delivered to its destination safely
  • An efficient network of international couriers ready to deliver your parcels worldwide
  • A fleet of over 26,000 vehicles operating with direct overnight links between 60 international haulage centres and 800 warehouses in over 40 European countries
  • Efficient live tracking service that allows you to track your parcels in real-time

Why use DPD parcel delivery?

DPD handles millions of packages each day, regularly topping the charts as one of the UK’s most reliable and trustworthy courier services. They receive excellent customer feedback regardless of the service used and they’re trusted by both domestic and business customers.

  • DPD provides a swift and reliable service with a proven track record for deliveries across both the United Kingdom and Europe
  • DPD offers both collection and drop-off services for their delivery services
  • DPD Classic gives customers notifications to help them track where their package is and when it will arrive
  • DPD offers a fully-featured app that allows you to see the progress of your delivery
  • DPD is very driver-centric service that allows you to rate drivers and contact them directly, giving customers peace of mind with all package deliveries
  • You can also make in-flight changes direct from both the DPD app and on their website for incoming and outgoing deliveries
  • There are over 2,500 DPD pickup stores in the United Kingdom where you can drop off your package even in the evening or weekend
  • DPD handles customs with ease since they use a paperless process, making overseas deliveries simple and hassle-free

DPD has a solid infrastructure for handling both domestic and international delivery services. With its host of DPD tracking options and the ability to make in-flight changes, DPD is the service of choice for both business and personal deliveries.

If you’d like to learn more about DPD shipping rates, restrictions and services, get in touch with us today at Packlink to learn more. Our team will be more than happy to guide you through the process of sending a package via DPD as a business or an individual. No matter where your parcel is going, we’re confident that our DPD courier services can streamline the process.


If you want to pick up or send a parcel with DPD and oversee the entire process, you should get the DPD app. It will give you access to:

  • Driver profiles with star ratings, showing the rating of your driver, their reviews, and personality profile
  • A detailed map so that you can see the location of your DPD delivery driver
  • Options to make in-flight changes direct from the app
  • Progress bar with your position on the delivery round and the estimated delivery time
  • Rich Push Notifications that allow you to manage your delivery in one tap
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive, quick access menu

DPD Delivery Times

As you can see, DPD delivery times differ depending on the service you choose and the destination of your parcel. When it comes to UK domestic deliveries, you can expect to have your parcel delivered in 1-2 working days. On the other hand, your parcel to most European destinations should be delivered within 2-8 working days, provided you choose DPD Classic.

Additionally, your DPD courier will give you a one-hour delivery window. As such, the recipient won't have to wait all day for the parcel to arrive. You can also see any delivery time changes online or in a DPD app. And in the case the recipient can't collect a UK delivery parcel, they can redirect it to a local DPD Pickup Store or another safe place of their choice.

DPD Parcel Restrictions

Typically, you can send a parcel with DPD without a hitch. Still, you need to remember that DPD has a zero-tolerance policy on some items, such as shipping batteries, liquids, and aerosols. Additionally, DPD won't deliver suitcases and holdalls. This policy has been introduced due to the damage that can be caused by the wheels on their conveyor belts. However, if you box up your luggage, you'll be able to send it with DPD courier services.

Ultimately, always remember to check the list of prohibited items and ensure that your shipping destination accepts the goods you want to send.

DPD Services

DPD Classic

  • Shipment service to the main European destinations

  • Maximum weight (kg): 31.50

  • Insurance at no additional cost


DPD Pickup Classic

  • Drop-off service in over 2,500 DPD Pickup Shops

  • Maximum weight (kg): 20.00

  • Insurance at no additional cost

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