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Cheapest Parcel Delivery With Packlink

Shipping your parcel can be daunting; not only you need to find a good courier service but also opt for the best possible rate. At Packlink, we offer you peace of mind by letting you search for an affordable shipping rate for any kind of delivery within the United Kingdom or outside. And if you are looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel, it doesn't mean you will have to use one of the slowest carriers.

Packlink allows you to compare various factors that can influence the price of shipments and helps you select cost-effective shipping options.

Why Use Packlink To Send a Parcel?

Packlink is an online comparison platform that helps you save money and time. Moreover, we offer different delivery times, and our couriers arrive at your place to pick up large items, so you don't have to carry them to the post office personally.

Depending on the size of your package, Packlink offers various courier services at affordable rates, and you can always get a quote from our reputable carriers like UPS, DPD, and others. Here is the instruction on how you can easily get a quote.

Both local and international shipments are available for small and heavy parcels. In case of urgency, you can request shipment for the same day or the next day, too. We will make sure your package is safely delivered to the final destination. And you will be able to track the progress online on Packlink's or courier's webpage.

How To Find the Cheapest Way To Send Your Items at Packlink?

The prices at Packlink are cheaper than in national postal services because of the negotiated commercial agreements with shipping companies. We have a continuous partnership with the world's leading carriers like DHL, GLS, UPS, Evri, TNT, and DPD.

Packlink makes sure to offer you one of the cheapest rates, while our online platform can drastically save time searching for delivery services. Due to strong relationships with carriers, Packlink could help you save up to 50% on national deliveries and up to 70% on international shipments.

The cost of shipping depends on the courier you prefer to choose and on different factors:

You can also select the following services offered by shipping companies:

The express shipping will deliver your package very quickly; it applies to both domestic and international shipments. The economy option will save you some money and safely deliver your parcel. The standard means the delivery will be strictly terrestrial.

Cost-friendly Postal Services

Packlink offers a variety of services both individuals and businesses can use. We negotiate the best and cheapest shipping rates for all of our services due to the large volume of shipments we arrange. A tracking option is also available for all shipments. Below we have prepared the list of services you can use at a reduced cost:

Cheapest Small Parcel Delivery

Small parcels' costs can be high, however, in Packlink you can send a single product or a bulk of small packages without inquired extra charges.

Our comparison tool will assist you in finding the lowest price for any of our shipping couriers with an approximate timeframe for delivery. All you need to do is to enter the destination, weight, and dimensions. And with a click of a button, you can select the most suitable courier and price.

Heavy Parcel Delivery at a Reduced Price

Sending large parcels can be especially difficult, and we are doing our best to simplify the process for you. Any large parcel delivery heavily depends on the weight, dimensions, and destination. Our comparison tool will help you find the cheapest courier that meets your needs. In any case, the prices for shipment are lowered due to successful and ongoing agreements with leading courier companies.

Once you select your shipping provider, a courier will come to collect the heavy item at your home, so you don't have to carry it anywhere. Some companies provide you with a printed label leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that there are requirements to follow when packing your heavy item into a box or onto a pallet. If you decide to pack the heavy item into a box, check if it can safely hold it. Sometimes you will need to use two cardboard boxes. However, using a pallet seems to be a better idea because the wood material is solid, and you only need to securely attach the item and wrap it into a stretch film.

Affordable Express Shipping Service

It is a common misconception that fast deliveries are usually overpriced. At Packlink, we arrange the most favourable shipping rates for our clients. Our comparison platform will let you choose the cheapest carrier for delivery within the United Kingdom and abroad. Express delivery takes typically up to 3 business days to reach the final destination.

You will not be disappointed with the excellent shipping services of our couriers - UPS, DHL, DPD, and others.

Budget-friendly Next-day Delivery

If you want your parcels to arrive next or even on the same day to the recipient, Packlink has the perfect solution for you. We accept packages of all sizes, and it doesn't matter whether it is a one-off parcel or you want to use this service regularly.

Next-day delivery is quite popular among e-commerce vendors who want their products to be delivered fast while keeping the shipping costs within budget.

How To Avoid Extra Charges?

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to in order to avoid extra shipping charges.

First of all, when you arrange a parcel delivery, you should properly check the weight and size of the package or box. It is important to indicate the exact weight because underdeclared kilograms can delay the delivery time, and the cost may increase, too. It is always recommended to round up the number to the next kilogram. The same applies to the dimension of your package - make sure you take the measures correctly. You can easily search for acceptable parcel sizes on our website.

Secondly, you should always securely pack your items. Remember to check if the items inside do not move around. Additionally, check if the packaging is sturdy enough to be transported. In case additional packaging is required, or you haven't met the requirements, you might be charged a fee.

Lastly, never send prohibited items because your parcel will have to be disposed of, and you will be charged for this service. Prohibited items include alcohol deliveries, flammable liquids, money, and antiques, among others.

Remember to double-check what courier service you choose and its shipping requirements if you want to avoid extra costs. If you feel lost or have some questions, you can contact Packlink customer support.

Packlink Pro With Special Rates for Small Companies

Packlink has one of the cheapest shipping rates for e-commerce and small businesses. All you need to do is register yourself at Packlink PRO for free. You will be required to indicate how many shipments you send per month and which e-commerce platform you are using. Once you register your account, you will instantly receive access to the best and cheapest courier services.

Packlink PRO is a free tool without any contracts, and it doesn't require you to meet your monthly volume of shipments. Within a 24-hour period, your account will receive an account manager who will assist your online shop in choosing the best and profitable options.

There hasn't been a more effortless and cheaper way to send and track your parcels than with Packlink PRO. You can connect your account to your e-commerce shop and manage sales and shipments from a single platform. You can also choose different options like express parcel delivery and check the shipping costs for domestic or international couriers.

If you send items in bulk, you can greatly save time by inputting the needed data into the website, printing all of the labels at once, and checking the status of all of them. Your clients will be satisfied with fast delivery, and they will use your service more often.

If you ever face any problem, Packlink Pro has individual telephone and chat support from Monday to Saturday.

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