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Magento Integration

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Magento is arguably the gold standard when it comes to open-source eCommerce platforms. Used by countless large and small businesses across the world, Magento empowers retailers and brands with tried-and-tested eCommerce platforms that can help them innovate and grow. When combined with Packlink PRO’s approach to logistics, you have a winning combination on your hands.

Integrating Magento with Packlink PRO is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Once finished, you’ll be able to connect with carriers across the world to efficiently ship worldwide. Instead of relying on just a single carrier, you can take advantage of prices that are constantly changing while still sticking to the delivery promises you made to your customers.

Packlink PRO is a flexible system that gives you access to over 30 different carriers that can easily be swapped between. You can also set custom rules for different kinds of shipping services, enabling you to automatically pick the lowest-priced shipping service for your needs. For more information about Packlink PRO and our Magento integration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more.

Why use Packlink PRO with Magento?

Magento is one of the most widely-used platforms for businesses of all sizes. With Packlink PRO, you can optimize your logistics to deliver fantastic value to all customers.

  • Simple integration - Integration Packlink PRO with Magento is simple and no changes need to be made to your existing eCommerce and marketplace settings.

  • Import data from Magento - Take advantage of existing Magento data by importing it to your Packlink PRO account.

  • A comprehensive selection of carriers - Take advantage of our full range of carriers on every order you send.

  • Save time - Packlink PRO helps you save time on every Magento shipment.

  • Save money - Compare carriers to find the most cost-effective shipping services for your needs and gain access to volume discounts.

  • Unify your shipments - Combine all of your marketplace and eCommerce shipments onto a single platform with Packlink PRO.

  • Tracking information - Keep track of your Magento shipments with Packlink PRO’s built-in tracking tool.

  • Personalized advice - Packlink PRO’s team of logistics experts are always available to give you advice to optimize your shipping process.

  • No contracts or hidden fees - Only pay for what you send with Packlink PRO–there are no hidden monthly fees to worry about.

Make managing your Magento store easier by taking out the complexities of your logistics process.

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Our site has agreements with the most competitive marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, making it essential that you optimize your shipping processes if you want to compete with other businesses. With Packlink PRO, you can greatly simplify the delivery process and manage all of your marketplace and eCommerce integrations on a single platform.

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