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DHL Delivery Services UK

DHL is one of the most well-known international logistics companies globally, boasting a network covering over 220 countries and territories worldwide that utilises land, sea, and air. As a result, they're one of the most trusted international courier services available, offering a range of suitable services for both business users and individual customers.

What Does DHL UK Offer?

DHL provides a wide range of logistics services for both occasional shippers and businesses, but their most popular is DHL Next Day and DHL Collection. These services are great for delivering large and small packages, and the process is made easy thanks to the 1,200 Service Points located in high streets across the United Kingdom in stores like Ryman, WHSmith, and Robert Dyas.

Next-Day Parcel Delivery

If you need to deliver your parcel quickly and safely, you can use the DHL next-day delivery option. Our Packlink comparison tool will help you find the best price for your business. As a company owner, your clients will be grateful and will appreciate the quick delivery of their orders, which hopefully will result in repeat orders for your business.

Express Shipment

Whether it is a local shipment or international, the Packlink comparison tool will find you the best route and the most affordable price with DHL couriers. Depending on the location, the parcel should be delivered within 3-4 days. The express delivery equally applies to a small parcel shipment or a big box that contains a heavy item.

DHL Collection

DHL's fast and reliable international delivery services are convenient to access, even if you don't have a Service Point nearby. If you don't have time to drop off your parcel, you can request a courier to pick up your order and still have it delivered by the next day. The couriers will be happy to assist with the door-to-door shipment option. Customers can book the exact time for the collection to take place, and they also offer automated phone service for DHL account holders to book a collection via a touch-tone phone. Automatic collections can also be arranged, making them ideal for business users.

Even without a DHL account, the company offers convenient services that are perfect for occasional shippers. Regardless of where your parcel is being sent, DHL is one of the most trustworthy and reliable logistics companies to rely on. With detailed tracking information, next-day deliveries, and an outstanding reputation, it's clear why millions of people across the world use them as their preferred courier.

Why Use DHL Parcel?

DHL is arguably one of the longest-running and most reliable delivery services available in the world, providing businesses and individuals with a range of options to get their parcel where it needs to be and stay within a budget.

  • They offer fast next day delivery services and express shipment even on international shipments.
  • A courier collects your parcel from any location (store, office, home) and door-to-door delivers it locally or internationally in just 24 hours.
  • They have over 1,200 DHL Service Points for convenient package drop-offs.
  • Detailed DHL tracking information is offered as standard to track your shipment.
  • Collections can be booked via an automated service to simplify things.
  • DHL's services are suitable for both individuals and large companies that are looking to ship overseas.

DHL is a brand that millions of people across the world trust when it comes to express deliveries and mission-critical shipments. If you're a business user that needs the most reliable and speedy service available, then DHL should be your go-to choice. Even if you only make occasional shipments, their global network will provide you with a fast delivery service to ensure that your parcel arrives on time to your recipient's door in record time.

To learn more about DHL and its services, get in touch with Packlink today, and we'll assist you in finding the most cost-effective option for your logistical needs.

Packlink Pro and Exclusive Offers for Small Companies

If you have an e-commerce business, you can greatly benefit from using Packlink Pro. You will find special offers only for your company on the site, regardless of whether you send one small parcel or multiple items delivered a month. In addition, you can request a parcel quote and get a quick reply in no time. Another plus of this platform is that you can track all of your shipments from one site, and you even connect your e-commerce store with Packlink Pro.

Packlink Pro will allow you to monitor your orders. You will be able to select next-day or express shipment, and you can track every local and international delivery either on the Packlink Pro platform or the DHL website. You will have an opportunity to select a pick-up point that can be your home or office, and you won't need to carry the parcel anywhere far.

To enjoy all the benefits, you only need to register - it is quick and easy. After that, you can immediately use the platform for your business needs.

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