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Courier & Parcel Delivery Quotes: Get a Quote at Packlink

When you need to send a parcel, one of the most significant pieces of information you are looking for is obviously a delivery quote, especially in the case of international shipping, which tends to be more expensive than the local one.

However, nobody wants to spend hours checking a wide range of international couriers online - you probably have more important tasks to do in your company. With Packlink, you do not have to browse numerous websites to compare various worldwide parcel delivery services.

Thanks to our simple tool, you can see the prices of various international parcel delivery services on one page. You will get a quick quote right away that will save you a lot of time.

How to Check the Cost of Deliveries

So as to find out what is the price of a particular parcel delivery, you just need to open our free online courier comparison tool and provide the following information:

  • your origin country and postal code
  • destination country and the recipient's postal code
  • weight (kg)
  • length (cm)
  • width (cm)
  • height (cm)

When you fill in all this parcel delivery data, just click the "ship now" button to see a wide range of courier services you can use to deliver your package.

What Information on Parcel Delivery Can I Get in a Quick Quote?

A quote you will get from our worldwide courier services comparison tool will provide you with all the most necessary information you need for international or national parcel delivery services.

First of all, you can find out how long it will take for a particular company to deliver your parcel to a chosen destination. In this way, if time is crucial for you, you can find an express shipping service that may even be able to offer next-day delivery.

Another essential piece of information you will find thanks to our online courier service comparison tool is the price. Understandably, you would like to send your parcel at the lowest cost possible - and in this way, you will see which delivery services are the cheapest at once.

Apart from that, you can check how couriers can pick up your parcel. Some offer door-to-door service, meaning that the collection can happen at your home or office after you book a specific date and time.

Another option is a drop-off delivery, similar to going to a post office to send parcels - you will receive a map with all the parcel collection points established by a particular courier company near your location. You just need to bring your package there, provide all the details and pay for the parcel delivery.

In our tool, you can compare the services of parcel delivery offered by such providers, as:

Get a Quick Parcel Quote Delivery with Packlink

With our shipping services comparison tool, you can find the best conditions to send a parcel. Instead of going to the post office and asking many questions, you can just easily provide all the necessary information on your parcel in a simple form and see how fast the delivery companies can deliver it and at what cost.

On top of that, if you want the courier to come to your place and save your time in this way, you can book a suitable date and time straight away. Sending parcels internationally has never been easier!

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