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Shipping to Italy from the UK

When it comes to finding easy, hassle-free international shipping methods, the process can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. Not to mention the fact that most of them charge fortunes for transporting even the smallest of items!

Luckily, Packlink offers a completely different experience to those wanting to send a parcel to Italy from the UK. With our intuitive online portal, all you've got to do is fill out a form where you specify the basic parameters and details of each item in the parcel (weight, dimensions, postcode, etc.), and we will match you with a courier that best suits your need. No need to speak to anyone over the phone or leave your house and wait in long queues to secure your postage to Italy or other European Union countries.

Why choose Packlink to Deliver Parcels to Italy?

We're an online comparison platform with the aim of matching our clients with the cheapest and most efficient courier for their very needs. Not everybody has the time and willpower to look through each of the delivery services available in the UK, not to mention the fact that comparing them all against each other may prove to be very difficult since different factors affect the pricing of each service in different ways.

Packlink was created to streamline the comparison process and match people with the right courier service, depending on the size of their parcel and how quickly they want the shipment to arrive at their destination.

Not only can we provide you with a rundown of all of the available services and how many working days they'll take to deliver the parcels, but we also give you the flexibility to adjust the factors to see which service is the best one for your Italian parcel. Remember that a lot of these companies make a lot of money on fees charged for certain changes. For example, UPS may turn out to be the cheapest choice for small-sized parcel delivery to Italy, but once the size of your package changes, the DHL or DPD pricing may turn out to be more favourable.

Using a service like Packlink to factor in all of these changes and price fluctuations will give you a better, more complete picture of the parcel delivery landscape in the UK, catering to your particular needs. Simply choose your shipping destination and get a quick parcel quote!

Send a Parcel to Italy on Your Own Terms

There are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing your preferred courier service. This holds true when talking about domestic parcel delivery, but things get even more complicated when you want to send international postage.

Using Packlink is not only about finding the quickest and cheapest way to send a parcel to Italy from the UK. Although we can certainly help you with that, there are many other aspects of postage to Italy that we can provide aid. Your needs may differ depending on what you're sending and how frequently you plan to use a courier service for postage to Italy.

For example, if you run an eCommerce business and expect considerable numbers of Italians to order your products, you're going to have to make sure that your parcel delivery to Italy is running flawlessly. Moreover, that it looks exactly how you described it on your store's website.

When working with Packlink, there are three basic delivery options you can choose, depending on your budget and the urgency of your parcel to Italy:

  • Economy: This is our most basic service, which does not mean that it's unworthy of your attention. If you choose the economy option, you can expect your parcel delivery to Italy to be complete within a week of placing the order. It is a great choice for any eCommerce business owners who provide free shipping. We have negotiated the best rates with the leading courier services in the UK, and should you wish to partner up with Packlink for the long term, you can expect an even better deal.
  • Standard: The Packlink standard service is our most frequently chosen option, and it is a step up from the Economy service when it comes to delivery times. You can expect the courier to get your parcel to Italy within 3-5 business days. Sometimes, transit times are even faster, depending on the schedules and availability of couriers.
  • Express: If you're really in a hurry to get your parcel to Italy from the UK, you should definitely consider choosing the Express delivery option. The package will arrive at its destination within 1-3 days, and certain couriers may even give you the option of next-day delivery at an additional fee. You won't find a cheaper way to conduct express international shipping, even when booking directly with the courier companies or Royal Mail.

Why is Packlink So Cheap?

If this is the first time you've come across Packlink when trying to set up a parcel delivery to Italy, you may be understandably perplexed by our low prices. After all, the courier companies like Evri, GLS or TNT (among many others) have their own websites where you can book the exact same service and still pay more than with Packlink as the intermediary.

So, what's the catch, you may ask. Are the services much worse? Should I expect a delay or any other unpleasant surprises when opting for Packlink's services? The answer is: of course not! Our low prices are because we have carried out long and fruitful negotiations with each delivery company that cooperates with us and agreed upon the favourable rates.

The idea is fairly simple - we bring in a plethora of customers and send them to a delivery service that is best suited to their needs. Thanks to the influx of clients they receive because of us, it makes sense for them to knock down the price for Packlink's customers, as the sheer number of people will make up for any drawbacks caused by the decrease.

Let's take a practical example and try to send a parcel from Liverpool to Rome with Packlink's parcel comparison service:

Shipping Cost to Italy
1 kg£ 16.80
5 kg£ 16.80
10 kg£ 19.76
20 kg£ 31.67

Try it for yourself: with different weights and sizes or with different cities of origin and destination, rates may vary. Sending a parcel to Italy or from Italy to UK by post or other international courier from your home has never been so easy! Moreover, only with Packlink you will be able to make your secure online payment by credit card or by PayPal, at your choice.

Send Any Parcel to Italy With Packlink Pro

The Packlink PRO option is our premium service which caters specifically for eCommerce business owners. If you find yourself sending a parcel to Italy every single day because your company's products are very popular there, you might want to skip the regular Packlink offer and check out what our PRO service has in store for you.

With Packlink PRO, you can fully integrate your preferred eCommerce platform with our shipping pages so that you're always on top of things and never late to send a parcel to Italy at an extremely favourable rate. Regardless of whether you use WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or only work through Amazon, Packlink PRO has got you covered.

Another great benefit of upgrading to our premium version is the way we can adjust our rates to the volume of your shipments. The more packages you need to ship, the less money you pay, especially if you do so with a high frequency. We gain a valuable customer, and you get a cheap and reliable shipping service with Packlink PRO.

Finally, if your needs are very specific, you can negotiate custom rates directly with our Sales Department. We're always available for our PRO customers, so don't hesitate to give us a call and describe your problem.

The Best Italy Parcel Delivery Service

Now you know everything there is to know about how Packlink works, why our offer is so attractive compared to directly dealing with the couriers, and how flexible we are when adjusting to the needs of our customers who run eCommerce businesses. Aside from Italy, we can also help you with shipping to other EU countries and other countries worldwide.

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