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Standard Delivery With Packlink

Sending an important parcel can be stressful since you have to compare prices, delivery time frames, and pick-up points. It can be very time-consuming to find a reliable courier, and some people lack time to contact delivery services to ask for details.

That is why Packlink offers a free comparison tool that you can access online. We have the most affordable prices for domestic and international deliveries for any parcel size and weight. On our website, you can easily compare available couriers and choose the rate that suits your budget and needs. The platform completely removes the necessity of contacting delivery companies or carrying your heavy parcel to a post office. Packlink strives to deliver convenient and efficient service to its customers.

What Is Standard Delivery?

Packlink works with the leading courier services in the market, including UPS, Evri, DPD, and many other reliable companies. They offer a standard delivery of heavy and small parcels worldwide in a short period of time. Packlink arranges the best delivery prices regardless of the weight, length, and size of the parcel.

Standard delivery time usually takes approximately 3 working days, and you also need to count additional time for pick-up and drop-off. If your delivery is international, it may take longer due to customs, harsh weather conditions, and traffic. If the recipient's location is remote, your item might not be delivered as fast as to other places, and couriers might not deliver to distant destinations on a daily basis.

There are some additional features you can opt-in to when sending your item with standard delivery. As soon as your parcel is collected, you will receive a tracking number. Your parcel can be tracked on the Packlink main website or an official website of the courier. If the item you send is fragile and costly, it is best to purchase Packlink insurance. Although the recorded data of lost or damaged parcels is low, insurance will give you peace of mind. It covers the costs for the damage of the item, its partial or total loss during parcel transit.

How Long Is Standard Delivery?

The parcel delivery depends on the recipient's location and the dimensions of the package. Here is an example of how many days it takes to deliver your parcel to its final destination:

  • Evri: delivery within 3 working days
  • DPD: delivery within 24 hours
  • UPS: delivery within 24 hours

If the destination is a remote place or an island, the time may be extended. You should also consider the time spent on collection and drop-off.

Depending on the location, your parcel can even be delivered to the customer the next day, thanks to the professional partners working with Packlink.

What's the Difference Between Standard and Economic Shipping?

The main difference between the standard and economic shipping services is the time of delivery. Both shipping services can be used for business and personal needs; they are secure and can be tracked. The estimated delivery time for economy service is slightly longer, meaning it can take up to 5-7 working days.

If you want to explore extra features available, you can also purchase Packlink insurance and door-to-door delivery to ship a large item.

A budget-friendly economy delivery service is perfect for those who want to send a heavy item with the opportunity to select a collection point right at home or at the office and add the exact drop-off location for the recipient.

What Is UK Standard Delivery Cost?

Packlink offers various services that align with your needs and budget; thus, you find the lowest rates on our platform. We have a continuous partnership with the leading delivery companies that is you can find up to 70% lower rates for international deliveries and up to 50% on national ones.

The standard delivery cost can start from only £2.44, and the total price will change if you want to add additional services like insurance or door-to-door delivery.

If you are unsure which service provider has the best price for you; you can quickly and easily request a quote.

Packlink Pro for Fast Parcel Delivery Service

If you are the owner of an eCommerce business, Packlink Pro can help your company with a free online platform called Packlink Pro. The platform allows entrepreneurs to check past and future deliveries, track the status of parcels, and book services to send multiple parcels at once. To gain access, you only need to register your account. You should type some of your personal information like full name and contact number, and then provide the average amount of parcels sent per month, along with some other information. Indicating the number of shipments shipped per month will not require you to stick to that amount.

Once you confirm T&C, you will have access to the online platform that can be linked with your eCommerce platform (e.g., Magento, Prestashop, Wix, Shopware etc.). It will grant you access to the most affordable prices and most efficient parcel delivery services.

Packlink Pro is free of charge, meaning there is no subscription nor one-time payment required. We do not force you to sign a contract or maintain a high amount of shipments monthly. In a 24-hour period, Packlink Pro will assign you an account manager who will assist you in finding the best delivery services for your future orders from customers. Having your eCommerce platform linked to Packlink will let you monitor everything from one place.

The parcels that are being delivered can be tracked, too. The platform gives you a selection of economy, standard, or express shipments with our most reliable couriers.

Packlink Pro was created to fulfil your business needs and satisfy customers with undamaged and fast delivery. You can send your parcels all around the world in a short period of time.

Packlink Pro understands that sometimes it is time-saving to ship multiple products at once; that is why you will receive a number of labels to print out and attach for every parcel.

Packlink Pro has individual telephone and chat support from Monday to Saturday if you ever face any problems.

How Many Days Is a Standard Delivery With Packlink Pro?

The standard delivery time depends on the location, and the estimate is a 2-3 day shipping period. If you haven't received a number to track your parcel, or if it hasn't moved from one place for too long, please get in touch with Packlink customer support.

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