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Shopware integration

Shopware Integration

Automate your Shopware shipments with Packlink PRO

Shopware integration

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How does it work?

Connect your Shopware shop with Packlink PRO

  • Every transport service: Whatever your customers need, you’ll find every transport service on Packlink PRO – with the best logistics companies. Choose the shipping service that best suits your business needs.
  • A single platform: Automate and manage your shipments in a single platform, improving the management of your sales and offering your customers the best delivery experience.
  • Explore new countries: You’ll be able to ship the products you sell on Shopware across the world. Expand your business as you cross borders and ship to customers in new markets.
  • Save time and money: Optimise the time you dedicate to your logistics and save money thanks to our personalised rates – from the very first shipment.

How does the Shopware integration work?


Packlink PRO offers you the best technology to convert your Shopware sales to shipments, quickly and easily. Simplifying your shipments is our priority.


We help business owners to get started, manage and scale up their businesses with personalised rates for their shipments. The platform is free to use, with zero contracts and no monthly fees.

Tracking information

We know how important it is for you to be able to track your products every step of the way. With the features of Packlink PRO, you and your customers can track the status of Shopware orders at any time – from collection to delivery.

Select carrier

Ship for less with leading carriers and connect them to your Shopware account, hassle free. Packlink PRO can help you with everything from selecting the service, right through to delivery, via an automated process.

Bring all your shipments together

Control all your Shopware orders in a single platform and from a single account: discover the easiest way to manage the shipment of all your orders.

Personalised advice

You won’t be alone as you venture into online sales: At Packlink PRO, you’ll have access to a reliable team of experts in Shopware logistics, ready to help you and offer advice to improve the management of your orders and answer any questions you might have.

Integrating your Shopware account couldn’t be easier

  1. Register for your free Packlink account: Log in to your Packlink PRO account, head to the menu on the top right and select ‘Settings – Integrations for your online shop” and click on ‘Connect my shop’, selecting the Shopware logo.
  2. Synchronise the module with your Shopware shop and automate your shipments: You’ll be automatically redirected to your Shopware account, where all you’ll need to do is authorise synchronisation. Set up the dimensions of your most common packages and frequent delivery addresses to save time on each of your shipments.
  3. Start sending!: Now you’re ready to ship! Packlink PRO will always be up to date with all your orders ready to ship on Shopware. All you need to do is confirm the ones you want to ship – with a single click.
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Our site has agreements with the most competitive marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, making it essential that you optimize your shipping processes if you want to compete with other businesses. With Packlink PRO, you can greatly simplify the delivery process and manage all of your marketplace and eCommerce integrations on a single platform.

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