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Find your ideal courier service today with Packlink

Whether you’re an individual looking to send a package overseas or a business with customers across the globe, picking the right courier service can offer you a lot of peace of mind. Choosing the right courier service for your needs can be tricky because there are so many factors to compare, but Packlink aims to make it a simple and streamlined process.

What does Packlink do?

Packlink is a platform designed to help you save time and money with every shipment. It compares the prices of different couriers and carriers based on your specific needs, then finds you the most cost-effective service by getting quotes from dozens of different companies. Not only does it help you save time and money on shipments, but it can also help you organise and sort all of your national and international shipments in a single control panel. From the collection of your product to its arrival at your destination, you’ll be able to track every shipment and the courier you used for peace of mind and better control

Which couriers does Packlink work with?

Packlink partners with dozens of global logistics companies to give you the best prices and delivery times regardless of what you’re sending.

We work with the likes of DHL, GLS, UPS, Evri, TNT and DPD to get you the most cost-effective solution for your package, its size and its weight. You can carry out worldwide shipments with our platform, or even domestic deliveries. You can pick whether you want the package to be collected, or find the nearest drop-off location so you can manually hand your parcel to your chosen courier.

Couriers we work with:

Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Royal Mail is a cornerstone of the UK postal service, with a history stretching back over 500 years. Renowned for its reliability and extensive network, Royal Mail provides a range of mail and parcel services across the UK and internationally. As a trusted service provider, Royal Mail ensures that millions of parcels and letters reach their destination safely and efficiently every day. Choosing Royal Mail for your shipping needs means tapping into a legacy of excellence and a commitment to connecting people and businesses around the world.



DHL is the world's largest parcel delivery company, integrated since 2002 in the Deutsche Post DHL group, with headquarters in Germany. It was founded in 1969 in San Francisco by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, the company name emerging from the initial letter of each of their surnames. It is present in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide having more than 300,000 employees, logistics warehouses in more than 640 locations, about 700 distribution centers, and more than 3,500,000 square meters of storage capacity.



General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS) is a Dutch logistics and distribution company, based in Amsterdam. It was founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of Royal Mail, the UK postal service operator. Operates in 42 European countries, and is the 3rd largest parcel operator and distributor in Europe, GLS also provides services worldwide through its network. GLS has around 19,000 vehicles spread over 39 fleets, covering a total of 42 European countries.



UPS, or United Parcel Service Inc., was founded in 1907 as a courier company for the United States. Since then, it has grown exponentially to become a multibillion dollar corporation focused on global trade. Currently is one of the largest package distribution company in the world, managing more than 18 million deliveries and more than 2 million international shipments daily, becoming a leading global provider of specialized transport and logistics services.



Evri is one of the most well-known and reputable parcel delivery companies in the United Kingdom. The company strives to offer affordable parcel services for both individual consumers and large businesses, giving customers access to a wide range of domestic and international courier options to suit both their needs and their budget.



TNT, or Thomas Nationwide Transport, was founded in the 1950s in Australia offering ground and rail freight transport services and, for the first time, night services. After a very humble start with just one transport vehicle, the company was very successful and began to grow rapidly. TNT expanded rapidly internationally and currently operates globally in more than 190 countries, and is the benchmark company with a privileged position in Australia.



DPD group is the largest international parcel delivery network in Europe.​ DPD handles millions of packages each day, regularly topping the charts as one of the UK’s most reliable and trustworthy courier services. They receive excellent customer feedback regardless of the service used and they’re trusted by both domestic and business customers.



InPost lockers are taking over the United Kingdom. Currently, there are over 2,000 locker locations spread across the country, allowing you to pick up parcels from practically any part of the UK. What's more, considering the convenience of using InPost courier services, the number of lockers will only increase in the coming years.


Yodel Direct

Yodel spends time getting to know you, your company, your brand, and your customers. Now it's your chance to learn more about Yodel. Yodel Direct distributes millions of goods to every postcode in the UK every week. That's why they have over 50 locations across the country to ensure your parcel arrives on schedule, no matter where you need it to go.


Why use Packlink?

Packlink helps shippers by collecting information from several different logistics companies and brands. We then work with those companies and compare prices to save you up to 50% on national shipments and a staggering 70% on international couriers shipments.

We also make things more convenient and easier for busy users that just want to know the most cost-effective shipping courier for their needs. Regardless if you’re sending something to a friend in the United Kingdom or a client overseas, we have the tools needed to quickly compare prices and services to find what you need in the shortest amount of time.

We currently work with over 29,000 online vendors to provide them with affordable and flexible shopping solutions. We help to scale up their businesses with ease, cut the costs of operation and manage large shipments with little effort. Logistics can be a tough thing to handle for a small business, which is why we position ourselves to assist by greatly simplifying the process. To make things even better, Packlink is a completely free shipping platform and you only pay for what you send.

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