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Send a package in four easy steps

There's no registration needed, it's simple and easy: compare services, fill in your shipping information, pay, and prepare your parcel!

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1. Pick a shipping service

  • Compare and choose your carrier

  • Select the type of service that suits you: express, standard, collection, drop off, and more.

  • Add available options: insurance, cash on delivery or proof of delivery.

It's a cloud of couriers
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2. Schedule collection or drop off your parcel.

  • Have your parcel picked up at your home or office

  • Or drop the parcel off at a drop-off point.

  • Once your parcel has been collected or dropped off, the carrier will take care of the rest!

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3. Get the shipping label and prepare your parcel

  • Make sure you use suitable packaging.

  • Print your label if required.

  • Attach the label to the parcel in a visible place so that it can be scanned by the carrier.

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4. Track your shipment

  • Follow your package from collection to delivery.

  • Use your tracking number to track your shipment in real time from our website.

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