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DHL Tracking

Enter the DHL shipment reference in the box below and click on search. You will receive an update on the status of your DHL shipment or informing you that it has been delivered.

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DHL parcel tracking

Do you want a fast, free, and simple to use way to track your DHL package? Then you need Packlink's tracking tool. That's not all we offer, though. You can also book a DHL delivery via our simple to use courier comparison site at a significant discount.

To use our tracker, just enter your DHL tracking number in the box below. Once you have done that, you can receive an instant update on your delivery and when it will be completed.

One of the best things about our simple tracking tool is that it works with all the major logistics players we partner with, including DHL, Evri, DPD, TNT, and GLS, to name but a few.

DHL express tracking

As a highly regarded and successful international shipping company DHL has an effective tracking system for you to use. The type of status you can expect when tracing the progress of your shipment include:

  • When your parcel has been given to the courier and is about to be delivered, you can expect to see - Forwarded for Delivery
  • When your package has reached a DHL hub, you can expect to see the following status. When sending packages internationally, you may get several of these statuses before you see a Forwarded for Delivery. Sometimes in countries that are not the same as the expected destination. This is because the DHL system will track the route to your parcels financial target - Arrived at Sort Facility
  • If your shipment requires customs clearance, you can expect to see the following status notification. You can also get additional details by clicking on the announcement - Customs Status Updated

You may also, on a rare occasion, see the following status:

  • Contact DHL- Shown when there is an issue that needs to be resolved for your parcel to be delivered. This may include an address clarification, a customs fee.

The good news is that if you have booked your delivery with Packlink, you won't just have got a lower price. In fact, you can also call on our friendly customer service team to help you out. Therefore making sure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible and your parcel can continue winging its way to its destination.

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Here at Packlink, our courier comparison website is intuitive and easy to use. We also offer a significant discount when shipping your parcels with DHL directly. This is because we pass on the savings we received by placing a high volume of order with them, to you, our customers.

Our easy-to-use website also allows you to quickly compare which carrier is the most cost-effective option. Thus ensuring you save money and still get access to sophisticated tracking tools that each shipping company provides.

Packlink's friendly and helpful customer service team is here to help you with any queries or issues you encounter with the booking, tracking, or delivery process too. So, if you want all the benefits of sending a package DHL, at a lower price, get a quote from Packlink today!

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