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Send Parcel to USA: Making shipping to USA hassle-free and cost-effective

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Send Parcel to USA

Packlink has made shipping parcels to the USA easy, efficient and affordable. No matter where you’re located in the world, you can send a parcel to the USA without the hassle. Offering a variety of services to choose from, including standard, express and next day delivery, you’ll have a delivery solution that works for you.

Because of our experience and the couriers we’re partnered with, you’ll be able to reap budget-friendly rates for postage to USA. Working with reputable couriers, including UPS and DHL, your parcel can reach the recipient swiftly and safely. All you have to do is enter the details on the online form and you’ll be given quick parcel delivery quotes to suit your budget and requirements!

To ensure that you can manage and monitor your parcels, you can also keep track of them along the way with our easy-to-use tracking tool – all you have to do is type in the shipment reference.

Compare the exceptional prices offered by multiple couriers in one simple platform. Helping you to book a parcel delivery to the USA, Packlink strives to offer you the best delivery services available.

Courier collection and delivery services for USA shipments

As well as sending parcels to the USA, we also offer courier collection and delivery services. Ideal for large parcels, this ensures that your items are efficiently picked up and delivered to your recipient. Alternatively, if you want added flexibility, we also offer a drop off service.

Parcel delivery USA for online vendors

If you own an online store, chances are that you’re always looking to optimize your shipments. However, by doing this, you’re likely to often find expensive price tags attached to it.

This is where Packlink comes in. An ideal solution for online vendors, by registering with Packlink PRO, you’ll be able to connect your Marketplace or eCommerce account for free. From there, you can create both domestic and international shipments before monitoring their progress.

Making the process stress-free from the get-go, it’s a simple solution that will help you to keep on top of your global shipments; giving you the peace of mind that from collection to delivery they are in the best possible hands.

Whether you’re running an Etsy, Shopify or Amazon business (among other platforms), this is the delivery solution for you when you want to send parcels to the USA.

Customs advice for shipping to the USA

When sending parcels to the USA from Europe, you’ll need to complete a customs declaration form. To make this as convenient and straightforward as possible, at Packlink we’ve provided you with the information you need.

Alongside a customs declaration form, depending on where you’re sending it from, you may also have to pay customs duty. This will also depend on the value of the parcel. Despite their open trade policies, when shipping to the USA, there are also import restrictions that you must be aware of before sending a parcel there.

These include but are not limited to food imports and cigarettes. Although we’ve written a list regarding restricted items, it’s also a good idea to look at the prohibited items list on the U.S Customs and Border Protection Office website.

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