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Royal Mail courier introduction

Royal Mail is a cornerstone of the UK postal service, with a history stretching back over 500 years. Renowned for its reliability and extensive network, Royal Mail provides a range of mail and parcel services across the UK and internationally. As a trusted service provider, Royal Mail ensures that millions of parcels and letters reach their destination safely and efficiently every day. Choosing Royal Mail for your shipping needs means tapping into a legacy of excellence and a commitment to connecting people and businesses around the world.

Why choose Royal Mail for your shipping needs

Royal Mail offers a comprehensive range of services, from standard letter mail to international parcel delivery. With a focus on customer satisfaction and security, Royal Mail offers fully tracked and signed services, providing peace of mind for both senders and recipients. Whether you're a small business looking to expand your reach or an individual sending a care package, Royal Mail's blend of history, reliability and innovation makes it the ideal choice for your postal and shipping needs.

Use Packlink for discounted Royal Mail shipping

Thanks to Packlink, sending parcels with Royal Mail is not only convenient, but also more affordable. By choosing Packlink as your shipping partner, you can take advantage of significant discounts on Royal Mail services. This makes Packlink an excellent choice for anyone looking to send parcels with Royal Mail at the best price. Whether you're shipping nationally or internationally, Packlink offers a cost-effective solution to meet your needs without compromising on the quality and reliability of Royal Mail.

Introduction to Royal Mail shipping with Packlink

Want to send a parcel with Royal Mail? Packlink simplifies the process and offers a range of services to meet your shipping needs. Whether you're a business sending products internationally or an individual sending gifts to loved ones, this guide provides all the information you need to navigate Royal Mail's shipping options via Packlink and ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Types of Royal Mail services offered by Packlink

  • Royal Mail International Tracked Small Parcel: Ideal for small parcels, with full tracking and estimated delivery times of 3-5 working days in Europe and 6-7 working days worldwide. No printer? No problem. The label is optional and can be brought to your door.
  • Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed Small Package: Combines the benefits of tracking with the added security of a signature on delivery. This service provides peace of mind for both sender and recipient and is available for parcels up to 2kg.
  • Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed Heavy Parcel: For those larger items, offering the same reliable tracking and signature on delivery for parcels up to 20kg, with comprehensive coverage and an optional label service.

How to prepare your parcel for Royal Mail via Packlink

Make sure your parcel meets the maximum weight and size requirements: 20kg for heavier parcels and a combined length, width and depth of no more than 90cm for small parcels. Remember, the label is mandatory for drop-off services but optional (and provided) for home services.

Royal Mail delivery and collection made easy

You can choose to drop off your parcel at a local post office or Royal Mail Customer Service Point. Delivery times are throughout the day and you can arrange a collection time for added convenience.

Track your Royal Mail parcel

Track your parcel easily via the Packlink website using the unique reference number provided in your service confirmation email. For detailed tracking, enter the tracking number found on your shipping label on the Royal Mail website.

Estimated Royal Mail delivery times and conditions

Expect delivery times of 3-5 working days within Europe and 6-7 working days for the rest of the world, but please note that these are estimates and not guarantees. Terms and conditions apply, including provisions for attempted delivery and third party receipt.

Royal Mail proof of Delivery and Coverage

Choose the Tracked & Signed service for digital proof of delivery. All services include standard compensation cover of up to £50, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Understand restrictions and contact information

Be aware of restrictions, such as prohibitions on shipping to PO Boxes or Pack Stations. Packlink's customer service team are on hand to help with any shipping label queries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I send Royal Mail parcels to PO Boxes or Pack Stations using Packlink?

No, Royal Mail does not allow parcels to be sent to PO Boxes or Pack Stations.

What is the maximum weight for a parcel sent by Royal Mail via Packlink?

The maximum weight is 20kg for heavy parcels and 2kg for small parcels.

Do I need a printer to use Royal Mail services via Packlink?

A printer is mandatory for drop-off services to print the label, but optional for home services as Royal Mail can provide the label.

How can I track my Royal Mail parcel sent via Packlink?

You can track your parcel using the Packlink reference number on the Packlink website or the Royal Mail tracking number on the Royal Mail website.

What happens if no one is available to receive the parcel?

If delivery is unsuccessful, an attempt will be made to leave a note and the parcel may be left at a specified location or with a neighbour.

Do Royal Mail deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Yes, Royal Mail does deliver on Saturdays, but its Sunday service is more limited. Traditionally, Royal Mail does not deliver regular mail on Sundays, but they have introduced some services such as Sunday Parcel Delivery for certain online retailers. This means that while you may not receive regular mail on a Sunday, you may still receive parcels if they are part of these special services.

What time does Royal Mail deliver?

Royal Mail typically delivers letters and parcels from Monday to Saturday, with delivery times usually between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm, but please note that delivery times can vary based on your location and the type of service used.

How long does a Royal Mail delivery take?

Royal Mail delivery times vary depending on the service: First Class aims for next day delivery, Second Class within two to three days and Special Delivery for guaranteed next day delivery. Standard parcels are delivered within two to three working days, but please note that factors such as bank holidays, mail volume or traffic can affect these times.

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