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Parcel Delivery to France

In order to find a cheap parcel delivery or courier service from the UK to France, you could queue at the post office or spend hours online researching all the different courier services, transit times, postage requirements, etc. Or you could opt for a much easier, faster, and more cost-effective way to send parcels to France from the UK - let Packlink do the work for you.

Send a Parcel to France - Easy

No registration required - you can send a parcel from the UK to France with Paklink in 4 easy steps.

Based on your specific needs, Packlink will compare the prices and get a quote from dozens of companies. Packlink will help you save time and money and make the whole process easier by organising all the steps into one single control panel. From collection and drop off to the tracking of your parcel all the way to its arrival, Packlink accompanies you through the entire shipping process.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Send a Parcel to France

There's strength in numbers. Because Packlink is one of the Internet's leading shipping portals, we've been able to negotiate favourable rates with couriers such as UPS, DHL Express, DPD, and TNT.

You will still benefit from the fully tracked, high-quality services those carriers provide, only at a reduced price. Once you've selected your courier, you will have the option of adding additional services such as parcel insurance, cash on delivery, and proof of delivery.

Next, the Packlink portal will help you to organize the collection or drop off of your parcel - Have the courier collect your parcel at your home or office, or drop the parcel off at a designated drop-off point. Then, if required, you can print the shipping label. Your parcel will be fully tracked from its collection to its safe and fast delivery in France.

So let's take a practical example of how much would cost to send a parcel to Paris, the French capital, with our comparator:

Shipping Cost to France
1 kg£ 15.99
5 kg£ 15.99
10 kg£ 19.43
20 kg£ 21.69

The Ideal Delivery Solution for eCommerce Stores

Completely free, Packlink PRO allows you to compare prices of the eCommerce shipping options that best fit your needs while simplifying the process.

Register with Packlink PRO and connect your Shopify, Amazon (or other) eCommerce store, or Marketplace account. You'll be able to manage all of your shipments to France and other international destinations from a single place and at the same time.

Packlink PRO is fully integrated with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, AliExpress, and Magento. Connecting Packlink Pro to your existing eCommerce or marketplace platform is free of charge, it simplifies the whole shipping process, and it may entitle you to benefit from volume discounts.

Express Delivery - Get your Parcel Delivered Fast and Save Money

You shouldn't have to pay outrageous prices to send a parcel to France from the UK quickly. While some courier services charge as much as double the cost to ensure your parcel is delivered by a certain date, Packlink's advanced comparison platform can help you save up to 70% when shipping to France with express services.

Take advantage of low-cost express delivery services today. Simply enter your location, the destination of your parcel, its weight and dimensions then click 'SEND'. Packlink will do the comparison shopping for you, apply the relevant discounts, and guide you through every step of the simple process.

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