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Shipping from UK to HK

Using courier services to send parcels to Hong Kong can be a very stressful experience - especially since delivering packages to another country is connected with filling customs declaration forms and other documents that can affect the parcel transit times.

With Packlink you can make shipping to Hong Kong less of a nuisance. Keep track of all your packages and make sure that their shipment goes the way it's supposed to with Packlink's fully trackable service.

How to Send a Parcel to Hong Kong

When sending a parcel to Hong Kong, you should take all the proper precautions, so that you don't have to stress out about customs paperwork, import tax or your parcel getting stuck in customs during the delivery to Hong Kong.

To avoid that, there are three main things you should focus on - addressing the parcel properly, making sure all the documents you need to include when sending parcels are there, and ensuring none of the items in your parcel to Hong Kong are restricted.

1. How to Address a Parcel to Hong Kong

It is important to remember that although Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, all the packages that you send there should be addressed to Hong Kong directly.

Here is how you should address your parcels so that the courier service knows where to deliver them:

  5. NAME OF THE VILLAGE, TOWN OR CITY (in capital letters)

The last line should include the destination country name, also written in capital letters.

2. Parcel Delivery to Hong Kong - Necessary Documents

The most important document you need to fill out when organizing a parcel delivery to that region is a customs declaration form, which contains information about you, the receiver of your package and about the contents of the parcel. It will help the customs authorities make sure that the parcel does not contain any restricted items, as well as make it easier to calculate whether there are any duties or taxes are to be paid.

3. Hong Kong - Prohibited Items

Generally speaking, the items that you cannot send to Hong Kong fall under the standard restrictions of international delivery, meaning that they include live animals and animal products, ammunition, toxic substances and so on.

However, there are a few that are not that obvious, such as print media, including newspapers and books; paintings and drawings of an obscene or indecent nature; paints and varnishes that have a flash point below 60ºC.

The complete list of goods banned for postage to Hong Kong is available on the Royal Mail website, so you can visit it for more information. If you have any doubts about whether what you want to send with pass the customs clearance, you can always check it out to make sure your parcel does not contain anything that could affect your parcel delivery.

How Long Will a Parcel to Hong Kong Take to Get Delivered

It is hard to predict how long it will take for parcels to arrive to their destination in Hong Kong, as there are a lot of factors that contribute to it. For instance, shipping from the UK to Hong Kong would take longer than shipping from a closer location.

There's also the bank holidays aspect - if you're sending your parcels around major holidays, there is most likely going to be a slight delay due to the number of deliveries.

In most cases, however, the delivery from the UK to Hong Kong, or other country to Hong Kong should not take more than a few days.

Why Send a Parcel to Hong Kong with Packlink

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Packlink for shipping to Hong Kong.

First of all, thanks to Packlink, you can save even up to 70% on your parcel services. Our comparison tool allows you to compare international services and postage rates from several courier companies so that you can find a perfect balance between quality and cost. We work with the most popular and reliable couriers in the UK - including DPD, DHL and Evri.

Secondly, Packlink is simply convenient. It offers a fully trackable service, which means that you will be informed about every step of your parcel's delivery journey, giving you peace of mind. You can choose between a drop-off service, where you take the parcel to a designated location, or a parcel collection service, where the courier comes to you to pick up the parcel for delivery. This means that you no longer have to stand in often long queues at the post office, and instead, can have someone pick the parcels up from you.

Last but not least, if you have a business that requires you to send parcels to Hong Kong, you can sign up for PacklinkPro, which allows you to track all your packages on one website. And the best part? It can be integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms, like eBay or Amazon.

You can get an instant quote and know the cost of your delivery upfront by putting in the parcel length, weight (kg), height and width. Make your parcel delivery extremely easy with Packlink today!

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