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Save Time and Money on Parcel Delivery Services in Europe With GLS

General Logistics Systems (GLS) is one of the most reputable logistics companies that specialise in European courier services. The company operates all across Europe to provide customers with a comprehensive courier service that matches their needs.

What Does GLS Courier Offer?

GLS offers reliable international parcel deliveries with their GLS Euro Business Parcel and GLS Euro Business Parcel Small services.

The two services function similarly but have some differences that are worth mentioning. Euro Business Parcel is designed in mind for packages up to 40 kg and with a combined length and girth of 300 cm. This is for larger packages and shipments to the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and many other European destinations.

Euro Business Parcel Small is focused on smaller and sensitive goods that require extra attention. The parcels are sorted separately from Euro Business Parcel packages and are transported in special bags. The focus is on increased transportation security to give clients added peace of mind. These packages must be no more than 3 kg in weight and have to fit in the small parcel frame.

Both services are a staple of GLS, and Packlink is proud to offer both in our range of courier services to help you find the best deals to meet your budgets and expectations.

Why Use GLS Parcel Shipping?

GLS is known for its outstanding quality of delivery and customer service. Whether you’re sending a small package to a friend or a large order to a customer, GLS is the gold standard in the European courier marketplace.

  • GLS provides reliable parcel delivery to over 220,000 clients and offers years of experience to give you peace of mind with every delivery
  • GLS provides increased transport security for small packages that contain sensitive or fragile items
  • GLS employees follow a strict code of conduct to ensure quality services every time
  • GLS provides parcel delivery services to 42 European destinations but can also fulfil deliveries with their extended network to many other countries
  • Delivery times with GLS average between 24 and 96 hours
  • Second delivery attempts are included for private clients to a GLS ParcelShop when available
  • GLS provides liability up to the value of the goods, ensuring that clients receive maximum compensation should something happen to their package
  • Digital recipient signature ensures clients know when their package was received and by whom
  • GLS provides clients with real-time GLS shipment tracking in many different countries
  • GLS offers optional parcel features such as paying for deliveries on arrival and exchanging deliveries (such as replacing a faulty or incorrect item)

GLS works together with the Royal Mail to provide some of the best delivery services available for packages destined for Europe. With its impressive track record, excellent delivery times and solid customer service, GLS is the go-to choice for both small and large parcel delivery within Europe.

To learn more about GLS and its shipping rates and options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Packlink to learn more. We compare dozens of different courier services to help you find the most affordable services for your parcel delivery needs.

GLS Services

GLS Euro Business Parcel

  • Door-to-door delivery service across Europe during business hours

  • Maximum weight (kg): 38.00

  • Insurance at no additional cost


More GLS Services

GLS Express Delivery

Depending on the location, express delivery can take up to 3-4 days; depending on the recipients’ location, it applies for domestic and international transits. With Packlink, your express delivery will be quick and affordable thanks to our advanced tools and agreements with the best service providers.

GLS Next-day Delivery

GLS delivers parcels the next day or even the same-day delivery; thus, your order can reach the target location within 24 hours and sometimes less than 24 hours, whether it is a international or national transit. GLS UK is the leading parcel delivery company that does its best to deliver your parcel in your desired time frame.

GLS Standard Delivery

Standard delivery times vary depending on the location and the dimensions of the parcels; however, it takes longer to deliver the parcel than it would with express or next-day services. GLS still offers many solutions with standard delivery, such as parcel insurance, ParcelShops, and you will also be able to track your parcels.

Parcel Tracking With GLS

To track your parcels, GLS makes sure to inform you about every step of delivery, from ParcelShop to the recipients. GLS has real-time parcel tracking allowing you to see the latest notification about where your parcels are and where they are being delivered to next. Parcel tracking can be found on the official GLS website or Packlink. Every parcel GLS takes special care of, thus being the most reliable parcel delivery company in the marketplace.

It is worth mentioning that regardless of the destination, parcel tracking is free of charge and offers detailed information.

GLS Parcel Collection

GLS parcel shipping includes parcel collection and drop-off at the destination. GLS does its best to provide its clients with an outstanding stress-free experience. Some couriers can bring the print-out with them; however, it is best to double-check it and print out the label if needed. GLS is a reliable parcel delivery company that will take utmost care of your parcel from point A to point B, and it will inform you about each and every step of the journey.

Packlink Pro For Professional E-Commerce Businesses

Parcel delivery couldn’t be easier and most efficient with Packlink Pro. Registration is simple, fast, and free for everyone. In one easy to use platform, you will be able to manage GLS parcel delivery status and parcel tracking. During the registration, you will need to provide us with some information, including how many parcels you expect to send per month. However, there are no minimum requirements once you have signed up.

In less than 24 hours, you will be assigned an account manager who will assist you and make your experience with Packlink Pro effortless. Your account manager will help you find the best offers and most profitable shipping options.

On the platform, you can choose how fast you want your parcel to be delivered and by which courier company. You will see a new notification online when there is an update in the status, and you can track your item path in real-time. In case of shipping heavy items, you can arrange a pick-up point right at your office or home.

In case you have a problem with any parcel, you can easily contact Packlink customer support via email or chat, or you can contact GLS parcel support, too.

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