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UPS Access Point: Close to you

UPS Access Points are establishments, like shops, petrol stations and small businesses, that act as drop-off and collection centres for your packages.

These are designed not only as drop-off points for online purchases, but also for making returns: all you need to do is bring the goods to the access point, and the business in question will make sure they are collected and processed.

These alternatives are designed for people who are often not at home during traditional package delivery times, to make collecting and dropping off online purchases as easy as possible.

This convenient alternative allows users to choose how, when and where to go for their packages. To do so, the key aspects of this UPS service are defined by two essential principles:

  • Closeness: these are local shops, close to your place of work or home. The huge number of establishments available makes it easy to find one within reach.

  • Extensive opening hours: these access points have very flexible opening and closing times, including at weekends.

How do UPS Access Points works?

Shops, kiosks, bookstores, gyms, green grocers or petrol stations. UPS has drop-off points in a wide range of local businesses, allowing you to very easily drop off and collect your UPS shipments.

It’s simple: if you opt for this type of delivery when placing your order, you’ll be able to access a map showing the location of all available points. What’s more, you can choose the one that suits you best through the search feature, with a series of filters to find the right one more easily.

This way, you can define your search by postcode, address, proximity to your house or place or work, as well as by the opening hours that suit you best.

If you have created a shipment, UPS will send you a message when the goods have arrived at their destination, and you’ll be able to collect them whenever it suits you. And, if you want to return something, you can drop the item off there and a courier will come to collect it.

Restrictions and requirements

  • Maximum weight: 20 kg
  • Measurements: should not exceed 97 cm in length and 300 cm in total dimensions (Length + Height + Width)

The first thing you’ll need to do to calculate the price of your shipment is check the measurements and weight of your goods, as this will affect the cost. Click here to find out how to weigh and measure your package.

The contents must be identified as a UPS-permitted item. Before placing your order, check whether or not your shipment contains prohibited or restricted items. If it contains prohibited goods, you will not be able to ship these. Restricted items may be shipped but will not be covered by any parcel insurance. The package must be properly protected to avoid it suffering any damage.

How to ship a package with UPS Access point

Packlink offers you great advantages when you manage your UPS shipment through us, no matter which option you choose. Regardless of where you’re shipping to, calculating a new shipment is quick and easy, thanks to our shipment comparison tool.

You can do this online in just two steps: on the ‘ship package’ tab, enter the sender and recipient details in the box at the top, along with the goods’ weight and measurements. Then, click ‘search’ to instantly discover the price of shipping your package with UPS.

You’ll also be able to see all of the service’s details: like how long it will take the goods to arrive, the collection points, or any other available options, depending on whether you’re making an urgent or standard shipment.

What’s more, if you want to find out where your package is, you can track your shipment with UPS and check all the information about its route in real time, online.

UPS Access Point rates

This logistics provider’s rates vary according to the package-shipping service required, which will depend on the country of origin and destination, and the different levels of urgency.

If you want to access the best UPS prices, trust Packlink. As we handle a large volume of shipments, we can offer very attractive rates. In fact, if you manage your shipments with us, you’ll be able to enjoy huge discounts on official rates.

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