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Connect your Wix shop with Packlink PRO

Wix Integration

Automate your Wix shipments with the Packlink PRO integration

Connect your Wix shop with Packlink PRO

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How does it work?

Connect your Wix shop with Packlink PRO

  • No fees or contracts: No fixed costs, you only pay for what you ship. There is no minimum shipment volume.
  • Wide selection of carriers: Packlink PRO stands out with its wide range of shipping services: As soon as you sign up, you’ll gain access to more than 300 services.
  • Automation: Manage all your shipments at the same time thanks to the features of Packlink PRO.
  • All-in-one platform: Manage all your orders through a single platform, improving the management of your sales.

How does the Wix integration work?


Orders completed on Wix are automatically imported to Packlink PRO in real time. Save time managing your shipments by defining your most frequent package dimensions and the price policy shown to your customers.

Select carrier

Packlink only works with market-leader carriers. Ship all your Wix orders, choose your collection and delivery country and choose from the best national and international services for your business.

Save time and money

Managing or launching a new e-commerce business means investing time and money. Save time thanks to bulk shipment management and save money, making the most of our competitive shipping rates.

Bring all your shipments together

Control all your Wix orders in a single platform and from a single account: discover the easiest way to manage the shipment of all your orders.

Personalised advice

You won’t be on your own: At Packlink PRO, you’ll have access to a team of logistics experts, ready to help you and offer advice to improve the day-to-day management of your Wix orders. They are at your disposal to help with integration.

Tracking information

Both for you, as a seller, and for your customers, it’s very important to have access to tracking information: With Packlink PRO, you’ll both be able to track the status of Wix shipments, from collection to delivery.

Integrating your Wix platform is quick and easy

  1. Install and configure the module: Download the application in the Wix App Store, register for free with Packlink PRO and generate the API key from your Packlink PRO private account.
  2. Sync the module and automate your shipments: On Packlink PRO, you can configure your most frequent package measurements and collection addresses, and select both the services you want to offer to your customers and your price policy: The price you pay to Packlink, a percentage of this price, a set price, or a price according to the value of the purchase.
  3. Use the module: Now you’re ready to ship! Packlink PRO will continually update all shipments ready for delivery in Wix.
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Our site has agreements with the most competitive marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, making it essential that you optimize your shipping processes if you want to compete with other businesses. With Packlink PRO, you can greatly simplify the delivery process and manage all of your marketplace and eCommerce integrations on a single platform.

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