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Get fast and affordable international deliveries with TNT Express and TNT Economy

TNT is one of the most well-known international couriers in the world. As a subsidiary of FedEx, the company offers some of the most trustworthy and reliable courier services for international packages. For fast and affordable international deliveries, millions of people trust in TNT Express and TNT Economy to safely deliver their packages to its destination.

What does TNT UK offer?

TNT offers reliable international shipping services through TNT Express and TNT Economy.

TNT Express gives customers fast and effective delivery services for all international deliveries. With delivery on the next possible business day and collection options within business hours, it guarantees that your package will get where it needs to be in record time. TNT Express offers plenty of additional services for added peace of mind including optional guaranteed morning deliveries and online tracking. This is perfect for both documents and parcels that are time-sensitive or to provide your business customers with a reliable and speedy service.

TNT Economy is designed with value in mind, giving you more control over the cost of shipments that aren’t urgent. However, despite being value-oriented, TNT Economy still guarantees that your packages will arrive on a specific day. For European deliveries, TNT Economy also offers optional guaranteed delivery before noon. You’ll also still get access to the same online tracking and choice of destinations that TNT Express offers.

Regardless of what service you pick, TNT provides customers with a choice of reliable options that are suitable for urgent and nonurgent international deliveries.

Why use TNT courier?

TNT is one of the most reliable international delivery services that operate across the world, providing both businesses and individuals with both affordable and express options to fit within their budget.

  • TNT delivers a high volume of packages each day, operating over 30,000 vehicles across the globe daily to fulfil more than 12 million package deliveries
  • TNT has a global network that covers over 200 different countries.
  • TNT offers both economy and express services to meet the needs or demands of both individuals and businesses.
  • TNT has an unrivalled European road network that covers over 40 countries.
  • Provides online TNT tracking for all of its packages.
  • TNT offers a range of additional services to ensure that customers have peace of mind when sending packages across the world.

TNT is one of the longest-running logistics companies in the world. It has successfully connected the world in terms of logistics and has simplified its processes to give customers a hassle-free and streamlined service. Whether you’re an international business looking to send a large shipment or just want to give a small package to a friend overseas, TNT provides a variety of services that are suitable for all budgets and needs.

To learn more about TNT’s services and shipping rates, get in touch with Packlink today and we’ll help you find the most suitable service for your needs. No matter what you’re sending or where its destination is, we’re confident that we can help simplify the shipping process.

TNT Services

TNT Express

  • Air transport service for shipments across the world

  • Maximum weight (kg): 30.00

  • Insurance at no additional cost


TNT Economy Express

  • For less urgent packages, choose this day-definite economy delivery service

  • Maximun wheigth (kg): International up to 7,000.00 / Europe up to 500.00

  • Includes basic customs clearance


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TNT mette a disposizione TNT Click, un canale specifico per le spedizioni online (anche da app dedicata) esclusivamente nazionali e in modalità Express, che consente attraverso il sito internet di procedere alla organizzazione della spedizione in soli quattro click. TNT Click offre quindi spedizioni in tutta Italia low cost, a partire da 7,99€.

QUAL È IL TELEFONO DI TNT? In caso di problemi, la modalità di contatto più semplice è via web oppure contattando il numero (a pagamento) 199 803 868. Per le spedizioni FedEx il numero è 199 151 119

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