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Large parcel delivery

It’s often thought that sending large parcels – whether domestically or internationally is an expensive process. Here at Packlink, our goal is to dispel that myth. We know that people want an affordable and efficient way of sending their parcels around the world.

That’s why we want to offer you incredible savings, no matter what the size of the parcel or where you’re sending it to. It’s a process that can be completed with a swift click of a button, significantly reducing your overall cost and saving you tons of time in the process. All you have to do is enter your location, where you’re sending it to and the weight and dimensions of the large parcel, and you’re set.

Our quote tool will then instantly show you suitable quotes. Offering a wide range of different services, from standard delivery to next day delivery and express delivery, you can choose exactly how you want to send your large parcels. This flexibility is why so many customers opt for our delivery services every year.

What large parcel couriers can I choose from?

At Packlink, we’ve not only got incredible prices, but we’ve partnered with reputable and reliable couriers – including DPD, DHL and UPS. Renowned for their ability to efficiently deliver large items across the world, you can have the peace of mind that your parcel gets to your recipient safe and sound.

The prices at Packlink for large parcel deliveries are so affordable due to the negotiations of commercial agreements that we make with each carrier. Making it hassle-free to send your large or heavy items around the world, you’ll always get the best deal.

Track your large parcel delivery

You can also track your large parcel using the tracking tool on our home page. All you have to do is type in the shipment reference, and off you go. This gives you the freedom to keep track of your heavy parcel delivery without fuss. If you then have any questions along the way about your package, you can get in contact with us. Offering exceptional customer service throughout the process, we strive to offer a delivery service that’s unlike anything you’ve used before.

Collection and delivery service

For large items, it might feel daunting to have to send them off yourself – that’s why most of our services include a pick-up and delivery service straight for your home. Alongside this, we have a drop off and collection service for your convenience. Taking the stress out of shipping large parcels, we want you to know that you’re in good hands with Packlink.

Large parcel delivery UK

If you need large parcel delivery in the UK, we've negotiated some great deals with our domestic courier partners. With our competitive prices, it's easy to see why people choose us over other companies.

Our services are simple and straightforward - no hidden fees or surprises! Our UK parcel delivery service for large items will not only save you money; it can all be arranged online in a matter of minutes. With our free quote tool, we'll give you an instant price estimate based on your postcode.

Now you can order 50kg parcel delivery and send 60kg parcel around the globe without additional stress and complications. All you have to do is enter the parcel’s measurments along with collection and delivery addresses to arrange the shipment.

Whether you’re looking to send a package across the country or just down the street, we have affordable rates and quick service. We offer next day and express delivery throughout the UK, so your parcel will be delivered on time every time.

It doesn't matter how long, large or heavy your parcel is; you'll always find a reliable solution with Packlink. You will have peace of mind knowing that your parcel will be delivered safely and securely every time.

Send a large parcel internationally

Often, people think that large parcels, like 50kg parcel delivery, can only be shipped domestically. But at Packlink, we know there is a high demand to send large parcels worldwide. That’s why we offer affordable international postage rates with our 50kg delivery services UK, saving you time and money. Your parcels can be sent to 100s of locations in America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. You can send 60kg parcel to any destination of your choice.

We make it easy to find reliable international couriers shipping options at affordable prices - in just a few clicks!

What’s the largest size parcel I can send?

Although this will depend on the courier and the distance that you’re sending it, you can typically post parcels measuring up to 2.5m in length and up to 30kg in weight.

Cheap large parcel delivery services

Our large parcel delivery services when compared to other companies are much cheaper. You can still expect top-notch customer service but make substantial savings of up to 50% on national postage rates and 70% on international shipments when you send a large parcel. This is thanks to the commercial agreements we have negotiated with courier services and the huge volume of shipments handled.

If you have had enough of expensive shipping costs, then get a quote from Packlink and benefit from our cheap large parcel postage!

Next day delivery and express large parcel delivery

If you need to send large parcels fast,__ we provide express and next day parcel delivery services__. If you need a quick and efficient service for the next day delivery of large items, we have plenty of reliable and trusted courier 50kg services to choose from. Whether you are sending large parcels to domestic or international destinations, our courier services offer express delivery at affordable prices.

How to ship a large parcel with Packlink

Shipping large items online with Packlink couldn't be easier. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and once done, all you need to do is wait for the courier to collect your package at your convenience.

  1. Enter your postcode and country of origin.
  2. Enter the destination postcode and country.
  3. Enter the dimensions and weight of the parcel.
  4. Enter the number of parcels and the value of the items.
  5. Press 'Send'.
  6. View the different parcel delivery services available and choose the one that meets your needs. When you have decided, press 'BOOK NOW.'
  7. Enter your personal details and the content and value of the parcel or parcels.
  8. Enter the collection and delivery address. Verify that all this is correct before paying.
  9. Packlink will send you a confirmation e-mail with details of your shipment.

How to measure and weigh your large parcel

Before you send a large parcel with Packlink, it's essential that you know its precise measurement and weight to avoid delivery delays or further charges. To accurately weigh your large parcel, use your bathroom or kitchen scales and a measuring tape or ruler to ascertain the correct dimensions.

Please note measurements must be in centimetres (cm.) so, if you want to send a 1-meter parcel, you must enter 100 cm.

Long parcel delivery

Often shipping long items in the UK or globally is not straightforward. Many national carriers use automated machinery to sort packages that aren't set up to deal with items that are longer than usual. For this reason, they won't ship the item or sometimes charge expensive rates. Fortunately, we work with a wide range of couriers who are more flexible with what they will ship. So if you need a long parcel delivered, once you enter your package's dimensions in our online calculator, you'll be matched with trusted couriers at affordable rates.

Pallet shipping

If you have multiple large items to ship rather than using a large item courier, you might want to consider shipping your items by pallet. We have specialist pallet shipping couriers at your disposal for non-commercial and business pallet delivery. Our pallet courier partners offer domestic and international shipping services. Whether you are shipping goods for your business or personal items, we have you covered.

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