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Multiple Parcel Delivery

Whether you're an eCommerce business owner, or simply an individual stressing over the logistics of getting holiday presents delivered to all of your family and friends on time, you've probably faced the issue of trying to send numerous parcels at the same time. It is no easy feat, and with the sheer number of courier services available at your disposal, making the right choice can get very daunting, to say the least.

Enter Packlink. Our parcel delivery service compares and contrasts the offers of all of the available courier companies, and suggests the right one for you. Regardless of where you currently reside, and where in the world you want your parcel to be delivered, you can count on Packlink to help you save time and money on package delivery options.

Don't Waste Time Comparing Courier Services

When it comes to delivery services, we only cooperate with proven industry leaders to bring our customers the high-quality services and pricing they deserve. Comparing individual companies with each other on your own can be a huge hassle. Each courier website will require you to type in your parcel dimensions and weight time and time again. For some of them, you'll need to manually calculate and add postage costs to the entire bill. If you want to send multiple parcels to a number of different addresses, the process can easily turn into a full work day.

For individual customers, the task of comparing and contrasting the offers of courier services is a big nuisance. For eCommerce businesses that rely on deliveries to make a profit on their investments, it can become an insurmountable obstacle, draining owners of their time and energy (not to mention their financial resources).

Save Money on Multiple Parcel Delivery

While trying to send out multiple parcels is usually a domain of businesses, there are instances when private individuals also need to rely on parcel deliveries to multiple addresses. In both cases, making use of Packlink's services can result in significant savings. We are affiliated with most of the major parcel delivery services in the world, so it doesn't matter whether you want to send multiple parcels to China, the European Union, or Latin America, Packlink has got you covered on all fronts.

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as DPD, UPS or DHL, we are proud to offer the most competitive pricing out there. If you don't believe it, you're welcome to check for yourself! Our goal is to make cheap parcel delivery the norm across the globe, and we strive to achieve it by developing relationships within the parcel delivery industry and creating a customer-friendly platform that does most of the heavy lifting for you!

Sell Online Easily with Packlink PRO

Online store owners have plenty of difficulties to face as it is. On top of having to compete in a heavily oversaturated market, dealing with SEO, and actually manufacturing their products, they also need to deal with shipping and parcel delivery. These back office logistics tend to eat up a lot of the time that could be spent on some of the more creative tasks, such as designing new products and improving their websites.

If you're an eCommerce store owner and want to break free from the shackles of logistical issues, Packlink PRO is the service for you. Opening up a business account with us grants you access to a platform that can be easily integrated with the most popular platform suppliers, such as Amazon, Shopify, or WooCommerce, and make your eCommerce shipping much easier.

With Packlink PRO, you can automate your deliveries and handle national and international shipments from one place. Regardless of whether you need to send a parcel out and get it delivered on the same day, have to alter the shipping details to selected countries, or simply want to stay on top of each individual parcel, you can check up on the status of your shipments using a single, easy-to-use control panel. While it comes with a full range of time-saving services, Packlink PRO's greatest asset is the peace of mind it provides.

Finding a reliable multiple parcel delivery service is a near-impossible task, and you can't be guaranteed to rely on it indefinitely. Packlink PRO makes it so that you don't have to stick to the same courier, but provides a flexible service instead, always pairing you up with a delivery service that suits the specific needs of your business and its customers. Try it out for free!

All Your Parcel Delivery Needs in One Place

Whether you're just an individual who gets parcels delivered frequently to the same address, or a business owner with a need to send parcels out around the world on a daily basis, you'll find that Packlink can make your life a whole lot easier by matching you up with the best and cheapest couriers in accordance with the delivery speed and dimensions you've provided beforehand. From pick-up to collection, you can rely on us to have your parcel delivered quickly and affordably every single time!

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