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Recorded Delivery

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Recorded Delivery with Packlink

Shipping important goods can sometimes be quite tricky. When the safety of your parcel is of at most priority, shipping it with a recorded delivery can turn out to be the best possible course of action. Recorded delivery also goes by the name of signature tracking or signed-for delivery, and it adds an extra layer of security to your package.

It is a great solution for international parcels, as well as sending high-value items and packages to people within your country. Recorded delivery will ensure that whatever it is that you're sending gets to the right person. Most importantly, it will grant you that much-desired peace of mind, which often leaves us whenever sending an important package across the country or to another continent altogether.

What Is a Recorded Delivery?

It is a delivery service that requires the person on the receiving end of a parcel to sign for it, which is then recorded and sent to the original sender. This delivery confirmation does not only contain the receiver's signature, but also their basic personal information (name and surname), date, time, and place of delivery.

Using a recorded delivery service can save you and the person on the receiving end of your parcel an unnecessary trip to the post office to resolve any issues with the package's receipt. Combined with a tracked delivery option (which is also part of Packlink's offer), it makes for one of the safest, most reliable ways to send anything to anyone, wherever they may be.

Signature on delivery is a great method to fend off any unauthorized people from trying to intercept your package, and the digital signature method used in Packlink's recorded delivery services will get you notified as soon as the receipt is signed, meaning that you can act quickly, as soon as your special delivery leaves the courier's safe hands.

Can Signed-For Delivery Be Combined With Any Other Parcel Delivery Method?

When using Packlink's services, you can combine your recorded delivery with any other parcel delivery method out there. Whether it is next-day delivery, small parcel delivery, or delivery involving heavy items, we can make sure that whatever it is that your shipping gets delivered to the right place, providing you with a digital proof-of-delivery.

With some of the more premium services, such as cross-continent parcel delivery, or pallet shipments, the signed-for delivery service will be provided to you at no additional cost, when enlisting Packlink's services. Remember: we've found the best deals with the most popular delivery services so that you don't have to!

When Should You Use Recorded Delivery?

Recorded delivery can be used with whatever you're shipping, whether these things are letters, large items such as household appliances, or even intercontinental shipments. You can use it whenever you feel like you could use the peace of mind and reassurance that your parcel has arrived at its intended destinations.

There are, however, some instances where booking recorded postage makes much more sense than in others. If you're wondering whether or not recorded delivery is worth it in your case, below you can find the most common reasons why people might want to book such a service.

Selling Items Online

If you've got an eCommerce business and want to provide the best possible service to your customers, then investing in recorded delivery packages to be sent to the buyers would be a good idea. That way, you'll know whether or not people are actually receiving the items they've paid for, and have proof of wrongdoing (or lack thereof) in case someone claims they did not receive their product. This remains true if you're just selling a single item via a platform like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay.

Sending Valuables To Family Members and Friends

Whether it is a precious family heirloom, an expensive birthday gift, or anything else that your family and friends are awaiting the arrival of, sending it with a signature on delivery service enabled will help the both of you ensure that it did not get misplaced along the way or that the courier did not leave it at the wrong doorstep by accident.

Shipping Any Item Abroad

Securing your parcel with the recorded delivery option is always a good idea when sending something outside of the borders of your country. Your reason for sending a parcel abroad doesn't really matter here. Whether it is an international sale made by your small business, sending a minor gift to your family, or a love letter to someone you're in a long-distance relationship with, you should always add that extra layer of security to your international shipment. Some countries' postage services are worse-organised than others', and recorded delivery with tracking enabled is the best way to have proof of a botched service and secure your entitlement to compensation.

The Security and Convenience of Signed-For Delivery Parcels

When booking your shipment with Packlink, using the recorded delivery is not only easy but also cheap! Whether you're sending a parcel to China, doing a bigger eCommerce shipping operation, or simply sending something to a relative who lives in another city, our recorded and tracked delivery services can provide our customers with online proof of a job well done at little to no additional cost!

Best Delivery Services at Low Prices With Packlink

Recorded delivery is not the only parcel delivery-related service we excel at. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with the world's leading courier and international shipping companies, choosing Packlink for your express shipment needs is the best way of ensuring that your parcel will complete its journey safely, quickly, and, perhaps most importantly -- right on time.

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