How to send a parcel to Bulgaria.

Send Parcel to Bulgaria

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Sending a Package to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Eastern Europe - on the east side of the Balkans, to be precise. Its capital, Sofia, is also the largest city, with over 1 million inhabitants. While Bulgaria is part of the European Union, that is no longer the case for the UK, which means that t__he parcels sent from there are treated as any other from a non-EU country__.

How does it affect parcels sent to Bulgaria from the UK? Well, first of all, you will have to complete a customs declaration and attach it to your parcel - this will include information such as what is in the parcel, what value it has, etc. Keep in mind that this mostly concerns packages - for smaller things, like letters or postcards, you most likely will not have to do it.

Another thing is that the recipient of the package might be required to pay customs or VAT charges before they are able to collect their parcel, depending on the value of the item you send and whether you send commercial goods or a gift.

How to Send a Parcel to Bulgaria

The first thing you need for parcel delivery to Bulgaria is the address you want to send your package to. Bulgarian addresses can be confusing for those whose first language is English, as they contain words that they most likely have never heard before, such as 'Ulica' written before the street name, or 'Poshtenska kut’ya', used when you're sending a parcel to a PO Box. Because of this, you need to pay extra attention when addressing parcels to Bulgaria - if the address is incorrect, your package will most likely be returned to you.

Once you know where your parcel will be sent, you can prepare your package. Since it's an international delivery, it's important that you package it correctly and securely - you can find packaging tips here.

When your package is ready, you need to measure it, so that Packlink can provide you with the best shipping options. You'll need dimensions like the length, width and height, as well as the weight. Insert all the information, along with collection and delivery locations. Packlink will show you the best rates for shipping your parcel to Bulgaria - choose the one you think works best for you, and pay for the service.

Put the shipping label on the parcel. This is also the moment when you fill out the customs declaration - depending on the value of the inside of your parcel, you will need to fill out either form CN22 (for items with a value under £270) or CN23 (for items with a value over £270). Once your declaration is complete, attach it to your parcel.

Keep in mind that this is a crucial step, as not having one, or having one that is incomplete, can result in a delay of your delivery to Bulgaria, or even having your parcel returned to you.

Once you have prepared everything, all you have to do is wait for the courier to collect your parcel or bring it to the drop-off point.

What You Can't Send to Bulgaria

One more thing we need to talk about when it comes to sending parcels to Bulgaria are the prohibited items. When it comes to things that you cannot send to Bulgaria, the list is pretty standard. Among the things you cannot send you can find:

  • illegal drugs
  • weapons
  • psychotropic substances
  • pornographic materials
  • pets under quarantine
  • dangerous chemicals

Keep in mind that each courier might have their own list, so before you send a parcel check the list of items banned by the particular delivery services provider.

Send Parcels to Bulgaria with Packlink

If you're looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel from the UK to Bulgaria, then Packlink is your best bet. Packlink is one of the third party sites that help you get your parcels delivered to the destination country at the best price possible.

Thanks to our comparison tool, you can see all courier services available for your delivery, along with the prices. All you have to do to get an instant quote is insert the necessary information such as the length (cm), height (cm), width (cm) and the weight (kg) of your parcel. Choose the best courier service for your needs, as well as any additional stuff you want your delivery to have, such as a parcel insurance.

And if you're a business that often uses international services for parcel delivery, then you should definitely check out PacklinkPRO - our business account that not only provides you with the best rates, but also allows you to track all the parcels you send from within one platform. Doesn't it sound great?

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