Customs, rules, and regulations for shipping to Sri Lanka.

Shipping to Sri Lanka

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Parcel Delivery to Sri Lanka

Shipping to Sri Lanka from the UK is easy with Packlink. We offer a range of shipping options, from door-to-door delivery and local pickup to international freight shipping.

Whether you're shipping a full container or just a few boxes, we'll provide you with the same level of service. We'll also give you access to our global network of shipping partners, who can help get your shipment from point A to point B safely and quickly.

Packlink is proud to offer a reliable and affordable parcel delivery service to Sri Lanka.

We offer a range of international parcel delivery options, from next-day courier services to economy deliveries. If you are looking for a cheap parcel delivery service, use our online comparison tool to compare parcel delivery prices from our trusted couriers.

To ensure that your parcel reaches its destination safely and on time, we use only the best couriers. We've partnered with DHL, UPS, DPD and other top couriers so you can send parcels to Sri Lanka and expect a reliable service at an affordable price.

Sending a Parcel to Sri Lanka

Sending parcels to Sri Lanka from the UK can be a quick and easy process, but it's important that you follow the correct steps. Below, you'll find some of the most useful packaging tips.

If you wrap up your parcel carefully and pack it securely, then there's no reason why it can't reach its destination in perfect condition. The most important thing is ensuring your parcel is properly packaged and labelled.

Also, be aware of the weight limit and import restrictions for sending a parcel to Sri Lanka and whether you need to pay any customs duties on the items inside.

You can choose to drop off your parcel in person at the post office, or you can send it through a courier service. If you're sending something valuable, it's a good idea to use a courier as they offer better protection than the Royal Mail. Additionally, you can consider adding extra cover to your delivery services.

You can book a parcel collection with Packlink and avoid the hassle of dropping off your parcel at the post office. You can also arrange a collection time and place that suits you through our online portal. The whole process is fully trackable, and the online tracking of your shipments from the UK to Sri Lanka makes it ever so convenient and secure.

International Shipping to Sri Lanka

With Packlink, you can find the best international shipping rates from the UK to Sri Lanka. We have a network of international couriers that will ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time to its destination country.

You can also track your parcel through our online portal, so you know exactly where it is at all times. Our online tracking tool is easy to use. You simply need to enter your tracking reference number to get an update on the status of your parcel.

Cost of Shipping to Sri Lanka

The cost of shipping to Sri Lanka depends on the weight and size of your parcel, as well as the distance it will travel. You can use our online shipping calculator to get an estimate for international delivery services.

Our couriers offer competitive rates and flexible shipping services so that you can choose what's best for your needs and budget.

Customs, Rules, and Regulations for Shipping to Sri Lanka

Like in every other country, you need to be aware of the customs and rules for shipping to Sri Lanka. If you're sending your parcel from the UK, it will be subject to UK customs regulations when it leaves the country. You may also have to pay import duties and taxes when it reaches Sri Lanka.

It's important that you know how much this will cost before sending your parcel overseas so that you can budget accordingly.

Also, you may need to provide documentation for customs clearance. There are a few different types of documentation that you can use to clear your parcel through customs.

You can use a commercial invoice, which is a document that includes the value of the goods being shipped and their description. This is used to determine how much import duty you have to pay. You may also need to provide a packing list and/or customs declaration form.

How Long Does It Take To Send a Parcel to Sri Lanka?

The transit time will depend on the service you choose, the type of parcel you're sending, and how much time it takes to get through customs.

But typically, if you send your package using a courier service provider, it will take around 3-4 business days to arrive in Sri Lanka. However, it could take longer if there's a backlog of parcels waiting to be processed or if there's a problem with the customs clearance.

What Items Can You Send to Sri Lanka

It's always important to check the restrictions and prohibitions on what you can send in a parcel to Sri Lanka before you do so. There are a number of items that are prohibited or restricted by customs regulations. Some of these include:

  • Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes (unless they're for personal use only)
  • Meat products, including beef, lamb and pork
  • Drugs, including prescription drugs
  • Any items that could cause a risk to public health (e.g. electronic cigarettes)
  • Pornographic material or publications of an obscene nature
  • Arms, ammunition, explosives and fireworks

You can find a comprehensive list of prohibited items on the Sri Lanka Customs website. It's worth checking before you even purchase your item, as a range of restricted items may require special permission before you send them.

Send Parcels to Sri Lanka With Packlink

Packlink offers high-quality delivery services from the UK to Sri Lanka. We work with the best international couriers and can help you find the cheapest way to deliver almost anything you want, door to door.

If you need any more information, reach out to our team of friendly advisors through our website. We'll help you get your package delivered quickly and safely to Sri Lanka and many more destinations.

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