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Clothes Shipping Service

Clothes may be one of the most common items delivered from and to our houses. With the growing potential of online retailers on the market, choosing the best shipping provider is essential for your business. It's suitable for your customers when they have the option of ordering your products from the website, and it's beneficial for you when you can provide such service without losing much of your time and nerves. Choosing the best shipping provider will make it possible.

Whether you are shipping clothing from your home or you have a thriving company, our services are for you!

Shipping Clothes with Packlink

We're all about convenience and making shipping quick and easy. That is why Packlink offers various tools and solutions to best fulfil your shipping needs.

Why should you consider choosing Packlink? For once, our website is very user-friendly, so you'll never have to struggle with accessing all the information you need. For example, to find out how much you will pay for shipping, all you have to do is add your boxes' measurements and both addresses from where they will be delivered. That way, you will get the parcel quote from different shipping companies so that you can choose the best offer for you.

We provide services through many different carriers, so it's easy to find the cheapest way to ship your packages. You can choose if you want the courier to come to your house to pick up the parcel, or if you want to go to the post office, or maybe decide on the drop-off location.

Shipping Clothes Internationally

It's never been easier to ship clothes overseas. In Packlink, we offer worldwide shipments, which means you can easily send clothes to your international clients. This helps build a solid brand with a broader range of customers and expand your company into different markets. Most importantly, the shipping process is easy - you have access to offers from many shipping companies, so you can always choose the best shipping rates. And with Packlink PRO, you can easily track the status of your shipments, so you are always on top of any potential problems.

How to Package Clothes for Shipping

Shipping your parcel may be simple, but what about the packaging itself? It's important for your customer's satisfaction your brand's reputation, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises, like the destruction of the products, to take care of the packaging in the best way possible. Sending clothes can be almost effortless, and this is how to prepare your products for shipping.

  1. Prepare the supplies you will need. It's best to acquire cardboard or plastic bags, boxes, bubble wrap or different protective material, scissors, packaging tape, tissue paper, shipping labels, and if you wish to, additional promotional materials, like stickers or cards with messages to your customers.
  2. Fold your clothes. Folding clothes properly can help you reduce the shipping costs (for example, when you're shipping a few products in one package). You can choose your folding method, but the end goal is to present the clothing in the best way and ensure that it will be delivered in perfect condition.
  3. When wrapping the clothes, different pieces may require a different approach. The best practice is to wrap delicate clothing in tissue paper and then put it in the boxes. It's usually a good idea to use a larger box for delicate clothes to prevent wrinkles. In the end, you can use a sticker to secure the paper.
  4. Add your card and any other promotional materials.
  5. Add extra padding, if needed. It's best to pack clothes intended for one customer into one box. This may reduce the costs of shipping and is more eco-friendly.
  6. Tape the box and add a shipping label.

Shipping Methods for the Clothes Delivery

The convenience of the Packlink is based on giving you all the options to choose from. With shipping methods, it's essential to have this flexibility. After all, there are some situations when overnight delivery can be the only way to deliver your products on time. What are some shipping methods available with Packlink?

Two-Day Shipping

With two-day shipping, clothes will be delivered in no more than two business days. It's a very popular method of shipping offered by big companies and smaller businesses.

Expedited Delivery

For extra charges, customers can choose the expedited delivery, which means the package will get priority and will be delivered in the quickest time possible.

Overnight Delivery

Overnight delivery is the same as next-day delivery. This means the package will be delivered the next business day.

International Shipping

As was mentioned earlier, international shipping allows your company to gain customers from different countries. The parcel will be delivered in a few business days. That can mean five, seven or in some cases even ten days, depending on which courier you choose.

How Expensive Is the Clothes Shipping Service?

There is no simple answer to that because different courier services offer different rates. It's safe to assume that shipping clothes internationally is more expensive than shipping in the country. The packages' measurements, weight, and shipment method all influence the service price. To post clothes cheaply, consider choosing Packlink, which gives you easy access to many offers to compare and choose the best one.

Package Insurence

It's not essential to insure the parcel when shipping clothes, but it can be a good backup plan, especially when you ship internationally. The parcel insurance covers the costs of possible damages to the package.

Free Shipping - Is That a Good Idea?

Free shipping is a service that many online retailers offer to their clients. Sometimes it's a highly effective strategy to keep the customers content and ensure that they will return to do their shopping at our store again. Of course, there is no obligation to offer such a bonus, but it can make a difference, especially in such a competitive market, that is, a clothing market.

It's worth remembering that free shipping should be offered only when it makes sense for your company. If you are a small retailer, maybe it might not be the best option for you right away.

If your budget for advertising and attracting new customers is more significant, free shipping is something you should seriously consider. It will make your clients feel valued, and the increased sales often compensate for the costs of such service.

Shipping clothes doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. The key to success is to use a tool that provides you with the best solutions. Packlink offers many interesting features, making choosing the right delivery provider so much easier. It allows you to focus on what's important for you - your company, products, and customers.

With Packlink, you can compare the rates of different delivery companies and choose the best offer. You can track your parcels, which is rather useful when you're planning to ship internationally. Packlink lets you deliver your products to the US, Australia, Canada, China, and many others.

More importantly, Packlink is very easy to use. You can access all the essential information by providing a few details. It's a great place to take care of all your shipping needs, no matter if you are a private person, a small retailer, or a bigger company. With Packling PRO, you have even more possibilities. You can now try Packlink PRO for free and ensure all your shipping is done effortlessly.

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