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Send Parcel to Denmark

Looking for a reliable parcel delivery service all on your own can get daunting very quickly. Out of the dozen services available in the European Union, each one of them has different pricing for different packages of varying sizes. Then, there also comes the issue of where you want your parcel delivered, as well as where you're sending it from. All of these factors play a role in the courier services determining the price of your delivery. Thankfully, parcel delivery to Denmark is not as complicated as shipping to other countries, which doesn't mean that it can't be tricky, especially if you're shipping from outside of the EU.

Cheap and Easy Postage to Denmark with Packlink

Denmark receives millions of parcels every year. Although it's not exactly a hub of international commerce like Germany, the parcel traffic over there is quite significant, especially considering how popular eCommerce and online shopping is over there. Using Packlink for Denmark parcel delivery has many advantages to it, but perhaps the biggest one of them all is the fact that it grants you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you've chosen the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your package to Denmark.

At Packlink, we strive to greatly simplify the process of choosing and comparing parcel delivery services to provide you with the best bang for your buck, regardless of how quickly you want your parcel shipped, or how big it is. We are partnered with the best, most reliable international services, such as UPS, DPD, or DHL, all of which send parcels to Denmark on a daily basis. With us, you can send your parcel to Denmark in as little as one day for a fraction of the price you would get with other, similar services.

Budget-friendly Denmark Postage

When planning to send a parcel to Denmark, especially from somewhere outside of the European Union, you were probably taken aback by the pricing of some of the delivery services. Thankfully, our service is designed to help you stay within your budget and still receive the premium delivery service you were aiming for. Sending parcels to Denmark with Packlink is fairly straightforward compared to doing it all on your own.

Of course, the prices of your delivery options will differ depending on your preferred transit times and geographical location, but when you choose to work with Packlink, you can be sure to avoid many of the hidden costs often associated with using certain courier services, across all size and weight categories. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cheap parcel delivery can be once all the red tape is removed from the process.

The Best Delivery Solution for eCommerce

If you're an eCommerce store owner, then you probably already know how exhausting and time-consuming shipping can be. As an entrepreneur, handling all of that back office matters is the last thing on your mind at any time, but it usually ends up consuming a huge chunk of your time that could be spent on improving your products and services or branching out into different fields. Sounds familiar? Well, that's because it is the story of most online store owners.

Packlink sets out to streamline the shipping process for eCommerce businesses by providing store owners a platform that grants them access to all of their eCommerce shipments in one place, with easy access to tracking the process and managing dates, package specifications, and many other details. Regardless of whether your store is hosted on Shopify, eBay, or Amazon (as well as many other eCommerce platforms) Packlink PRO is the ultimate service for you. It allows you to connect your Marketplace or eCommerce account as soon as you register with us.

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Parcel to Denmark?

The pricing of any parcel delivery service varies greatly, depending on a wide myriad of factors. First of all, your cost can be impacted by the size of the package. Generally speaking, the larger and heavier the parcel is, the more expensive its delivery.

Secondly, the courier service you choose to go with also plays a role in assessing the cost. This is why comparing and contrasting the offers of these companies is so important. Each one of them has different pricing plans for different countries. For example, one service can charge much less for parcel delivery to Asia than other couriers, but its services in Europe are greatly overpriced.

Packlink provides a service designed to suit your specific requirements as much as possible. You can choose from standard, express, economy, or premium delivery services, type in the specifications of your parcel, and we'll run the comparison for you to provide you with the most cost and time-effective way of sending a parcel to Denmark.

In order to find out the price of your delivery to Denmark, head over to our online calculator to assess the postage costs and receive an instant quote.

Prohibited Items for Parcel Delivery Denmark

Denmark largely operates similarly to other EU member states when it comes to what can and what can't be shipped over there. However, there are some additional items, making the list below fairly extensive.

  • Cotton seeds
  • Rubber erasers (similar in appearance to food)
  • Children's toys and games that contain copper sulfate
  • Anything containing asbestos fiber
  • Plants and plant products
  • Atlantic red tuna fish
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Mercury-containing medical thermometers
  • Soil samples
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Certain chemicals, such as biocide dimethyl fumarate

Keep in mind that some courier services have their own lists of items they refuse to carry, so it may be worth referring to them before paying for parcel delivery. For example, UPS will not ship any alcoholic beverages or money.

Save on All of Your Postage Costs Today

Sending a package to Denmark from the UK or anywhere else in the world is much easier when done with Packlink. Owners of eCommerce stores will appreciate Packlink PRO's extensive platform allowing them to manage, track, and register shipments all from one place, saving them time and money. Finally, Packlink makes postage to Denmark affordable and accessible, regardless of your package's specifications and preferred delivery speed.

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