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Postage to Turkey

When sending products internationally, it's critical to understand which service best suits your needs and whether the item you're sending is legal in the target country. Read on for helpful international shipping advice for Turkey to guarantee that your purchase arrives swiftly and safely.

Sending packages to Turkey is as simple as it gets with Packlink parcel delivery services – we can collect one or multiple parcels from your home or business address and deliver them securely and on time.

Helpful Information for Mailing a Package to Turkey

Turkey was the seat of the Ottoman Empire, one of history's most significant world powers. Today, it is still an important nation connecting the Middle East to Europe, situated between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Turkey has established itself as a significant regional force with worldwide clout, and as a major producer of consumer electronics, it enjoys strong commercial ties with the rest of Europe.

Turkey is a popular destination among our consumers, not just because of the Turkish community in the UK but also because many people offer products online to customers in Turkey. Business consignments, presents, and spare car parts are just a few of the items we see transported to Istanbul, Ankara, and beyond.

If you are sending a parcel to Turkey, Packlink focuses solely on providing dependable courier services and ensuring that the task is done correctly. We work hard to provide you with the lowest pricing on shipping to Turkey and beyond, which means you get cheap shipments with top service. So, if you're sending something to Turkey, ship it with us.

Sending a Package to Turkey

Do you want to send a parcel to Turkey? When you book with Packlink, you'll get lower parcel delivery charges, whether you're mailing locally or internationally. We collaborate with well-known courier companies worldwide to ensure that our services are of superb quality.

Our Express services provide the quickest shipping to Turkey from the UK, whereas our Standard services are best for less urgent deliveries. Enter your parcel details in our quote comparison tool to acquire a fast online quote.

Compare Low-cost Delivery Options to Turkey

Packlink can provide some of Turkey's most affordable and expedited delivery options. This is due to our agreements with prominent courier firms such as UPS, TNT, Evri, and DHL.

You'll also get full parcel tracking, excellent customer service, and a wide range of Drop Off and parcel Collection options with all of our services.

Look no farther than Packlink if you need to deliver a parcel to Turkey. After registering - which only takes a few minutes - you can use easily arrange for collection and delivery from your home or workplace.

If you book before midnight, one of our drivers will collect your cargo the next day – or on a day of your choosing if that's preferable – and deliver it to its destination in a few days using our global air service. We believe this is one of the cheapest ways to send parcels to Turkey you will find online.

General Tips for Sending to Turkey

  • To ensure on-time delivery, your item must contain the complete, correct address and email address in the proper format and a cell or landline number for the intended receiver. This should be indicated on the package. Such a format will assist the delivery partner in ensuring that the parcel is handled correctly the first time.
  • If a parcel is not released for delivery by the Turkish customs administration, it will not be returned to the sender.
  • Before shipping, it is critical to ensure that all relevant customs paperwork is complete and followed by all requirements.
  • The timescales shown when you send a package do not account for delays induced by customs procedures in the destination country. Please keep in mind that customs may cause your item to take longer to arrive.

Turkish Customs Tips

Turkey began negotiating its accession to the European Union in 2005 but has yet to be admitted. Thus there are some import restrictions to be aware of when you send a parcel to Turkey.

The import of televisions, radio equipment, and satellite receivers may be subject to duties. The spawn of silk work, soil, leaves, straw, various games machines, commodities with fake labelling, and some dye materials are also prohibited.

Do I Have to Deal With Customs When Mailing From the United Kingdom to Turkey?

Posting to Turkey is classified as international delivery, so proper customs and import tax procedures must be performed.

When you schedule overseas delivery with us, we'll give you all the declaration forms you'll need to fill out.

What Should I Include in the Address for My Shipment to Be Delivered to Turkey?

On the second-to-last line of Turkish addresses, there is a forward slash between the locality and province names, which is rare for postal addresses. If that sounds confusing, don't worry; the Universal Postal Union has a simple addressing guide that can assist you.

What Kinds of Things May I Send?

A number of commodities will not be approved for shipment to Turkey. These are some examples:

  • Lithium batteries and lithium-ion equipment
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Dairy and meat products

Check with HM Revenue and Customs for more information on what you can and cannot ship to Turkey. 

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Package(s) To Turkey?

Sending something from the UK to Turkey is a difficult task that demands expertise, responsibility, and a great deal of skill to go smoothly. This is why we utilise our estimates to narrow down the list of possible options and assist you in determining the best and cheapest options for sending a parcel(s) to Turkey

When you find a reasonable offer, you have a wide range of shipping costs to Turkey at your disposal. Exact figures and prices can be provided only after entering your package's collection and delivery addresses, weight, length, width, and height.

Packlink Is Europe’s Most Dependable Parcel Delivery Service

Businesses frequently make the mistake of continuing to supply their services in the same way they have for many years. This is true not only for the shipping industry but also for many other business sectors.

Creating a good plan is desirable, but ignoring change, particularly in terms of technologies and technical practices, will lead to problems in the long run.

Packlink uses advancements in worldwide parcel delivery services to provide additional speed, convenience, and a more enjoyable experience. We strive to gratify individuals and businesses that are always looking for the best parcel delivery prices and international services.

Packlink is continuously aiming for better when sending a parcel to Turkey. When delivering packets to a destination country, we ensure that you have complete customs duty information, that the entire customs declaration is completed, and that your package reaches its destination safely and on schedule.

UK - Turkey Parcel Delivery

Packlink has several integrations if you are in eCommerce and regularly need courier services to Turkey and other countries. In this manner, you may create an online business you can trust with services supporting your business dreams and visions, which is crucial in the eCommerce industry.

You will be able to give the most efficient services and also be able to develop trust among your customers and team members.

Our integrations will help your organisation stay relevant in the long term by keeping all of its elements in sync.

When it comes to package shipping in Tukey and other popular destinations, you can trust that the Packlink team will take delivery to another level with our expertise and flexibility.

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