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Postage to Japan

Japan remains one of the most popular shipping destinations in the UK (and the world's fifth-largest importer overall). The demand for courier services between the two countries has been high for many years now, and it seems that this growing trend will stay with us for years to come. If you find yourself in need of sending a parcel to Japan, Packlink can help you save money on parcel delivery services.

Thanks to our Packlink comparison tool, you'll be able to compare between courier services to get the best possible quote on your Japan delivery needs. Packlink will help you send a parcel efficiently and affordably, whether you're an online vendor or an individual user. By working with the best couriers in the industry, we've established a strong and reliable brand, providing users with tried and trusted international delivery services. Let's focus on sending a parcel to Japan, though. Below, you'll find all the information you need to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

What to Know Before Sending a Parcel to Japan

Although shipping to Japan is incredibly straightforward when using Packlink, there are still several things you should know before you send your first parcel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Shipping Costs

As for the shipping costs on Japanese delivery, they may vary depending on several factors. First, there are your parcel's dimensions. The larger and heavier your package, the more you'll need to pay for sending it.

Secondly, your preferred shipping time also plays a vital role. As with any other destination country, you can opt either for standard or express delivery when shipping to Japan. The first option is cheaper, whereas the other will cost you more. However, when using Packlink, you can rest assured to find the best prices for your delivery needs.

Shipping Times

As mentioned, you can pick between standard or express delivery when sending parcels to Japan. Each option comes with a different shipping time. Typically, a standard delivery from the UK to Japan takes 3-5 business days, whereas an express delivery should take as little as 2-3 working days.

Of course, shipping times also depend on the courier. For instance, DHL Express International offers the so-called DHL Air Express. It's a premium and fully trackable service, and you can expect your parcel to arrive in Japan within three days from you posting it. Another great thing about this service is that DHL offers a same-day collection from your work address or home.

Customs Information

Last but not least, there are rules regarding duties and restricted items. As when sending to any other country, you'll need to fill in all the necessary forms and attach the appropriate customs labels. Fortunately, it's something we can help you with, as we'll provide you with all the necessary documents to make customs hassle-free and stress-free.

As for the list of prohibited items, it includes such products as:

  • Print and film materials deemed obscene
  • Explosives
  • Small power tools
  • Firearms
  • Illegal drugs
  • Food & drink
  • Shipping lithium batteries
  • Printed books and works of art

For the complete list, we recommend visiting the official Japanese Imports Office website under this link. You can also use the Universal Postal Union website as a reference.

Addressing Guidelines

In general, there are no specific guidelines to follow when addressing your parcel to Japan. Writing an address follows the same rules as in the UK, with the only difference being that the Japanese zip codes consist of seven numbers and not the UK letter-number system.

Why Choose Packlink for Your International Deliveries?

At Packlink, we work only with the most reputable courier services, including DHL, DPD, Evri, TNT, and more. This way, we can provide an excellent service on your parcel delivery needs, no matter whether you send a parcel to Japan, China, Spain, or any other country. However, what makes our service truly unique is how competitive prices we can provide you with. All thanks to the commercial agreements with the world's leading couriers and the abundant volume of shipments we handle.

All you need to do to get your quote is complete our online form. There, you will need to type in the basic information regarding your parcel delivery, including the parcel's dimensions (cm) and weight (kg), as well as your address and delivery address. Once you provide us with all that info, click on 'Ship now' and get the quote on your parcel delivery to Japan.

However, our prices are not the only treat you can take advantage of when using Packlink. We will also assist you in your delivery to ensure everything goes smoothly and the whole process is as convenient as possible.

At Packlink, we provide our users with both same-day collection and drop-off delivery so that you can freely choose whether you want to arrange for the courier to collect the parcel from your home or work address, or you prefer to drop it off at the designed location (your nearest UK post office, for example). Additionally, we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can monitor what is happening with your parcel to Japan at all times.

Send Parcels to Japan With Packlink PRO

If you run an eCommerce business and often ship your products to Japan, we have a perfect solution to help you cut your costs - our dedicated eCommerce platform, Packlink PRO. Once you register your free PRO account, you will be able to connect your eCommerce platform directly to it, allowing you to track all your international parcels to Japan. Packlink is fully integrated with the world's largest eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Shopify.

And the best thing here is that Packlink PRO is free of charge. The platform itself works the same way as our standard comparison tool, allowing you to find the best quotes on your eCommerce delivery needs. Register your Packlink PRO account today, and grow your online business even further at much lower costs. Whether you want to send a parcel to Japan or any other international destination at a great price, Packlink has got you covered!

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