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Door to Door Delivery with Packlink

Door to door delivery has become one of the most popular ways to send a parcel. And frankly, it should come as a surprise, as it's by far the most convenient and time-saving courier service one can choose. As its recognition grows, more and more courier services decide to implement door collection in their service portfolio.

And since there are plenty of couriers out there, choosing one for your parcel delivery needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, you don't have to go through all the research process yourself. Thanks to our Packlink comparison tool, you'll be able to find the best quotes for door to door deliveries in a matter of seconds. Here's how Packlink can help you.

What Is a Door to Door Courier Service?

First, let's clarify what a door to door delivery service is. Generally speaking, it's exactly what the name implies. It's a service where a courier collects a package from your home or office and then delivers it to the recipient.

The most significant advantage of the courier collection service is that you don't need to go to the post office or drop off point to get your parcels picked. All you need to do is book a courier and have your parcel picked from your doorstep. Often even on the same day!

On top of that, many couriers don't even require you to print an address label when choosing parcel collection, which is a standard procedure when drop-off shipping. This makes it an ideal choice if you don't have a printer at your disposal, so if need to send a parcel without printer, this is the reight choise.

The Benefits of Door Collection Courier Services

Parcel door collection and delivery services come with numerous advantages over other shipping options. Here are some of the most significant benefits coming with door to door delivery service:

  • Time-saving: You can easily book a courier driver to collect your parcel from your door, without having to go to the post office or drop off point and wait in queues to have your package taken care of.
  • Convenience: There's no need for you to go out to ship your parcel, and since it's a courier collects it from your doorstep, you don't have to lift and carry around heavy parcels.
  • Fast delivery: Although some people think otherwise, door to door deliveries are as fast as traditional courier services. In fact, many companies provide the next-day or even same-day delivery when shipping with their parcel collection service.

How to Ship Your Parcel With Door to Door Delivery

Shipping with door to door delivery is fast and straightforward. Everything throughout the process can be done without even having to leave your house. Here's how to ship your items using door to door delivery services:

  1. Find your best quote using Packlink by typing in the shipping details. Our calculator will then provide you with the best courier options. You'll also need to type your parcel's details (weight and size) and your recipient's address.
  2. Once you pick your courier company, it's time to book your delivery and its type, express, economy, or standard. The booking process is easy to follow and should take you a few minutes tops. Make sure your parcel is packed according to the courier's requirements.
  3. Once you book the date, the courier will notify you at what they will come to collect the package. Some might ask you to provide an address label, but many renowned courier companies don't do that anymore.
  4. Once a courier picks your parcel, it will be delivered directly to your recipient's door. You will be able to check your package's status with a parcel tracking tool.
  5. You'll be notified when your shipment reaches its final destination.

Ship Multiple Parcels With Packlink

Although you can go through the process of sending your items yourself, doing it with Packlink will save you a lot of time and money. How? First of all, our quote calculator is efficient and easy to use, providing you with all the information necessary in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, thanks to our negotiated commercial agreements with courier service providers and the huge number of shipments we handle, we offer our users much cheaper prices. By using Packlink, you'll be able to save even up to 70% on domestic and international shipping!

And you can rest assured all your shipments will be delivered on time and in one piece, as we've partnered up with the world's leading couriers, including:

Use Packlink Pro for Your E-Commerce Logistics

If you own an online store, you probably have to deliver multiple items to numerous customers each day. Using our e-commerce shipping platform - Packlink Pro, you'll be able to manage your shipments efficiently and at a lower cost. The platform is integrated with all the main marketplaces, including Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Shopify.

You can register to Packlink Pro entirely for free, so make sure to discover the many advantages it can provide your online business. For more information, check our Packlink Help Center section or contact us directly.

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