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Shipping a Bike Internationally

Shipping a bike internationally can be a real pain, especially if you're dealing with a courier service that doesn't really know how to handle bulky and sensitive items. You don't want to entrust your priced bike to a delivery service provider that doesn't guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your item. Delivering bicycles is slightly more complicated than in the case of other large and heavy objects, simply because it is a vehicle that comprises many crucial parts and components. On the other hand, it is much simpler than shipping other kinds of vehicles, such as cars or motorbikes.

Nevertheless, choosing the right service for shipping bicycles (and any other bulky items, for that matter) is an incredibly important step in ensuring that your bike arrives at your door quickly, and without any complications along the way. However, even the best delivery company in the world won't save your bicycle from damage if you don't package it correctly and in accordance with international regulations, as well as the internal requirements of the service you're using.

Posting a Bike

Great prices and short delivery times are the two main aspects of delivery services that people compare whenever they need to ship something abroad. When posting a bike, these things are undeniably very important, but there are many other factors that you need to take into account before you even start looking for the best postage options.

Bike Box

First of all, you can't just package a bicycle into a regular, large box and expect it to be delivered without a scratch. Unboxed postage of adult bikes (or ones for children, for that matter) is prohibited, simply because there is a great likelihood that it will get damaged along the way and no courier company is going to want to be held responsible for that. You may get away with putting it into a regular box and securing it with styrofoam or bubble wrap just to get the courier to pick it up, but nine times out of ten, this will not be enough for your bike to securely arrive at its destination.

You'll need a special bike box to ensure its safe transportation. They can be found online, and while many of the specialized boxes for mountain bikes or dedicated triathlon bicycles may be quite pricey, you should have no problem finding one that fits your budget. You may consider it to be an unnecessary extra cost, but in the long run, it will definitely prove to be cheaper than having to fix a broken, poorly packaged bike.

Deflate the Tyres!

Couriers will not carry inflated tyres. It may not seem like it, but they pack a lot of extra weight compared to flat ones. Deflating your tyres before you package the bicycle should be a priority. Once again, you can try to be clever and conceal inflated tyres, but it's highly irresponsible, as in the event that the courier discovers that the tyres are full of air (it's not as difficult as it seems, even without peeking inside the box), you might be subject to paying a hefty fine.

Posting Used Bikes

Take extra care when posting used bicycles, especially if you're selling them off to a new owner. While new bikes come in their original packaging and sending them abroad is fairly easy because the vast majority of the work was already done by the manufacturer, shipping a parcel containing a used bike will require a lot more effort on your side. Aside from packing it into a dedicated box and deflating the tyres, you might want to stuff some extra protection in the package in the form of styrofoam or special covers designed to protect the most fragile parts of the bicycle. It may be annoying to unpack it on the receiving end, but your buyer will appreciate the extra effort you put into sending them the product that they've paid for, without any delivery-induced damages.

Bike Delivery Prices

The shipping price of any object depends on a wide array of factors, and bikes are no exception to this rule. Most of the time, you'll be charged with the prices of regular large parcel delivery, unless you specify that you want the bike to be delivered extra quickly since that usually comes with some additional charges.

Once you carefully measure and weigh your package, you should start looking around for options that combine attractive prices with efficient and reliable deliveries. If you've ever gone through that process, then you're more than well aware of how time-consuming and confusing it can be, especially at a time when companies can use your cookie and location data to alter the prices in hopes of maximizing profit.

Packlink goes through all that hassle so you don't have to. We cooperate with all of the major global couriers, allowing you to get personalized and most attractive prices on all of your postage needs in one place.

Advantages of Shipping Bikes With Packlink

As you have learned by now, shipping a large parcel with a bike inside of it is a long and arduous process, even before you start looking around for feasible carrier options. Combine that with finding a courier company that can provide you with excellent, fast, and reliable service and you're facing a task that will consume a lot of your time and effort. It doesn't have to be that way.

With Packlink, all you've got to worry about is getting your bike safely packaged and acquiring the shipping address info. Our courier comparison service will take care of finding the right fit for you, both in terms of getting the best bang for your buck, as well as quick and stress-free deliveries, regardless of where in the world you're sending your bike. When using our services, you're also entitled to a tool allowing you to track your package and check the delivery status, as well as an option of getting notified once your bike arrives to its addressee.

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