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When sending a parcel, there is always a bit of worry involved, even when you double-check whether all the details are written correctly, the item is packed safely, and how much time it takes to reach the destination country.

Packlink is the online comparison tool that reduces your concerns by letting you choose a reputable courier company for a very attractive price. Not only do you get excellent service and an easy-to-use interface but also secure and rapid delivery.


Whether you're a music purist who loves sharing your vinyl record passion or a small business owner who sells LPs for profit, you understand that the shipping process can be a bit difficult to handle. Many things could go wrong, and that rare vinyl record could even get damaged while in transit.

A damaged package will leave the wrong impression on the recipient. It would ruin the precious LPs, and if you're involved with vinyl sales, you'll lose profit. With that in mind, here are our quick tips to keep your vinyl records shipment in pristine condition every time.


InPost parcel lockers are one of the most popular ways to send or collect a package nowadays. Actually, many people in the UK consider it the most convenient delivery option out there, preferring it over traditional couriers (like DPD or UPS) or the post office. If you still haven't tried this 24/7 service and you don't know how to drop off or collect parcels from the InPost lockers, we got you covered. Keep on reading to learn how the InPost service works!


Having your parcel stuck in customs is one of the worst experiences. Unfortunately, customs delays are a pretty common issue when it comes to international shipping, and often, there's not much one can do to avoid them. The key here is to always ship via reliable and renowned courier companies. This is the first step towards avoiding the long and stressful process of having your shipment held in UK customs.


In recent years, the courier service industry has grown considerably. If you're a small business in need of a dependable delivery service, a small parcel delivery courier could be exactly what you're looking for.

Packlink's shipping experts can tell you everything you need to know about small parcel delivery. Whether you're deciding which service to utilize, need transit times, or need to track cargo, we've got you covered.

To get you started, here are some basic parcel shipping essentials.


For a regular person, a warehouse is nothing more than a place to store goods. However, it is of great importance for eCommerce businesses who see it as a reliable hub to move goods - an essential part of the supply chain.

In this guide, we will take a look at the different types of warehouses and their uses. With so many different types of businesses, it only makes sense that there would be a variety of warehouse types to match.

Read on to learn more about the different types of warehouses and what they're used for.


A few key names come to mind when it comes to online shopping, including Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. Many people are familiar with Aliexpress, the giant Chinese e-commerce company. But what about its counterpart, Alibaba? Essentially, Alibaba is focused on selling products to businesses instead of consumers. Which one is best for your needs will depend on what you're looking for.


Delivery volumes have never been higher, putting pressure on supply chains. Packages are being delayed, shipping companies have increased fees, and businesses – whether suppliers, wholesalers, or retailers – are all feeling the strain. Companies will have to change their operations to be more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective to fulfil the new demand. Supply chain optimization ensures a smoother operation and a more profitable business strategy.

Let's start by defining supply chain optimization, the various elements that go into it, and how the correct supply chain optimization approaches and solutions may help you support your major business activities and gain a competitive edge.


When you start an ecommerce business, there are many important, practical aspects that have to be resolved. One of the most obvious ones is an effective shipping plan that will allow you to successfully deliver your products to customers without losing your head and too much time.

Your shipping strategy should be cost-effective and sustainable. It also has to be tailored for your business model and budget. When it comes to shipping products, you can decide on flat-rate shipping. Is it something worth considering? Let's find out.


Launching an e-commerce shop is a very interesting option through which any type of business can start operating on the digital market today, thereby increasing their turnover, reaching new markets and improving their sales.

Choosing Wix to create an online shop facilitates the entire process of design and development, while the user maintains control over the various aspects of their e-commerce site. Anyone can purchase a Wix plan and create their own virtual shop in a simple and intuitive way. All it takes is a few hours and you will be ready to start selling online and getting the most out of your business.