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Best postage prices in UK

Postage costs in the United Kingdom can feel unpredictable at times. By negotiating with mainstream carriers and transport companies, we can maintain low postage costs thanks to the large volume of shipments we make. In fact, Packlink could help you save up to 50% on national deliveries and up to 70% on international shipments compared to public carrier rates.

Packlink is an internet portal that helps users compare postage costs across a variety of different carriers. Whether you’re delivering parcels on a regular basis or need to make a courier shipment, we negotiate the best prices with carriers and transport companies to ensure that you get the best rates.

Packlink works with both individuals looking to send single packages, small businesses looking to reduce their postage costs, and large companies that serve national and international customers. With our services, you can have the utmost confidence that you’re getting the best carrier services at the lowest rates.

How does Packlink offer such low prices in postage costs?

Packlink achieves its low rates thanks to the way we integrate our latest technologies with various parcel and courier services. With our systems, we can quickly and easily compare different rates based on your circumstances such as the number of packages, the weight, and also the destination. For a full list of shipping factors, please check out our support page.

We also secure lower rates with mainstream carriers by negotiating deals on large volume shipments. We pass these savings on to our customers, giving them great discounts with the carriers and transport companies that collaborate with us. This is thanks to our excellent Management and Customer Service team that works with these carriers to arrange deals that are unique to Packlink.

How to get the best postage rates with Packlink

Packlink is simple to use for both individuals and businesses. Start by using our shipping calculator to get a quote for your packages. Simply enter the current location of the package and the destination that it’s intended for, the weight, and also the dimensions. Click send, then you’ll be presented with a list of services from all of the main carriers – including DPD, UPS and DHL.

Once you’ve found a service that suits your needs and budget, you can click “BOOK NOW” to arrange the service. You’ll be given additional information such as the drop-off point, if applicable, and the estimated arrival date. You can also add additional services such as optional insurance before you finish the order process. Next, simply print off the label that we provide, attach it to your package, and take your package to the drop-off location or wait for collection.

Start saving on your postage costs today

Packlink offers two services; Packlink for individuals and Packlink PRO for businesses. Regardless of what your needs are, get a quote by checking out our shipping calculator and start saving on your postage costs today.