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Need to send a heavy parcel?

There was once a time where looking for a courier to deliver a heavy parcel was a daunting and frustrating process. As you probably know, each courier company has limits on the parcel weight and dimensions of each parcel that they can accept. Large parcel delivery could also be pricey with extra costs if you would like to track your parcel or ensure the delivery on the next day.

Sending a heavy parcel used to be a complicated process of arranging a quote, delivery date, and collection time over the phone. It also used to be challenging to find parcel delivery courier services that would ensure protection during the shipment no matter the parcel weight and length.

The good news is you don’t have to spend hours searching for a courier that will deliver your large parcel at a reasonable price anymore. Packlink services make sending a heavy parcel or bulky item quick, easy, and affordable.

Why choose Packlink for heavy parcel delivery?

Thousands of satisfied customers have used Packlink for their heavy item courier needs. But why should you choose Packlink?

At Packlink, we believe that our customers should find it easy and convenient to compare quotes and arrange heavy parcel delivery. We have special agreements in place with the UK’s leading couriers for standard and express heavy parcel delivery services.

Our goal is to make your ordering experience as straightforward and efficient as possible. With Packlink, there are no confusing forms to fill in, nor are there any hidden extras to pay after you book a heavy parcel delivery courier.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Tell us your parcel details. All you need to do is enter your parcel’s weight, dimension, and delivery address information.

  2. Compare quotes. In a matter of seconds, you’ll get presented with a selection of competitive prices from the UK’s leading courier companies.

  3. Select and book a heavy item courier. Once you’ve decided which option is right for you, simply select and pay for it, and arrange your collection with ease.

When you use Packlink to choose a heavy item courier, there are no complicated steps to follow during the order process. Some couriers bring their own labels; in many cases, you won’t even need to print anything out!

You can send heavy parcel to any destination, and our services are available for both domestic and business customers. If you run an online store and regularly send heavy parcel, you might be interested in our Packlink PRO service.

How affordable is the heavy item courier service?

The prices you get quoted will depend on the dimensions and weight of your consignment, along with the delivery destination. In all cases, you can rest assured knowing the prices Packlink quote is affordable.

Packlink has negotiated special rates with many of the UK’s leading courier companies. As a result, we can pass on those reduced prices to our customers. In fact, our prices are cheaper than if you approached the courier companies directly for quotes!

Boxes versus pallets: which should I use?

It’s vital that you ensure your consignment won’t get damaged in parcel transit due to excessive weight. While there are many cardboard boxes strong enough to hold heavy items, pallet delivery can sometimes make better sense.

At Packlink, we can provide quotes on both standard courier and freight delivery options. That means you can choose a heavy parcel delivery service that will collect heavy boxes or pallets.

We also offer a collection courier service for heavy items, making the process more convenient for what you need in particular.

Parcel collection

Packlink delivery comparison services include collection and drop-off to ensure a stress-free experience. Once you have compared and booked delivery for your large item, the shipping company will arrive to your door to pick up the parcel. Some of the delivery couriers will bring their own shipping labels, so you would have nothing to worry about.

Packlink also offers next day delivery for your parcel regardless of size and location. It is especially easy and convenient with door-to-door delivery services. If you are the owner of an online store, next day delivery of items will improve your company image and customer service for your clients.

At Packlink, we have a variety of reliable couriers and affordable rates.

How to pack your large parcel?

Once everything is ready to send heavy items, make sure to pack your parcel properly so it wouldn’t get damaged. If you have arranged delivery with pallets, the large parcel should be securely attached to the pallet.

As extra protection on a pallet, you can add paperboards around your parcel or wrap it in a film. Some delivery companies have guidelines that require you to strap your heavy items to the pallet and protect the parcel with cardboards.

In the case of parcel delivery in a box, you should choose durable packaging for your heavy items. Additionally, you can add wrapping around the parcel, so items wouldn’t move in the box. And if you still want to improve the protection of your large parcel delivery, put it into another box.

Once everything is ready for delivery, try to shake your parcel a little. If you hear movement inside, your heavy items might not be secured well, and they might be damaged in a box during delivery.

If you have further hesitations, you can always consult with a large parcel courier companies about your parcel packaging requirements.

Track your large parcel delivery

Tracking your parcel delivery is very important, especially when you send heavy items within the UK or abroad. Packlink offers real-time tracking from the point of collection to the delivery to your final destination. You can track your parcel directly on the Packlink website or by using the carriers tracking webpages. You can find out more details regarding tracking your shipment here.

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