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Postage to Switzerland

Are you sending packages or mail to Switzerland? It might seem like a complicated task, but it's not. However, you need to know a few things before you get started.

Here are some things to keep in mind about parcel delivery to Switzerland. First of all, what you send will be a lot more expensive than what you would pay in your local country. Second, be mindful of customs regulations. For example, if you send food items, make sure they are adequately packaged and labelled correctly, or they will not make it through customs for safety reasons. And lastly, keep in touch with the recipient. This can help reassure them that their package has been mailed and will soon arrive at their doorsteps.

How to Address Parcels in Switzerland Correctly?

Shipping and postage to Switzerland have never been easier, and there are various shipping choices to choose from. It is critical to address parcels to ensure efficient processing appropriately.

Using the proper address format and giving comprehensive address information guarantees that the entire mailing process operates smoothly and that packages are delivered to the correct destination without delay. The right postcode can be found in Switzerland's postcode directory. A valid postal address includes the following information:

  • There should be at least three lines and no more than six.
  • Always address the package horizontally.
  • There are no spaces between the address lines.
  • There are no underlined postcodes or towns.
  • Put the correct postcode as well as the town's complete name.
  • Complete recipient information, including company name, last name, and first name.
  • Include the full name of the street and house number.

What is a Shipping Label?

Carrier labels are printed shipping paperwork that must be attached to goods. Each carrier has its label on which all of the shipment's details are displayed:

  • Shipping barcode
  • Tracking ID
  • Sender's information
  • Receiver's information
  • Shipment weight and size information

You will not be charged extra for this service when the carrier arrives to pick up your package or when you carry it to the drop-off point. If you're being asked to pay, it's because you didn't print the label correctly or apply it appropriately to the package.

Is a Custom Declaration Required in Switzerland?

Yes, because Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, a customs declaration form is required. But don't be put off by the paperwork. The Swiss trade with the EU regularly, and agreements for goods transportation by road and air have been formed. Companies who want to sell goods with Switzerland must first obtain an EORI number.

If you are importing from Switzerland, your items may be subject to a duty, and you'll have to know the commodity code (or HS code) to work out the specific duty rate. By following the necessary procedures and providing the relevant data on your declaration form, your goods will have fewer delays and hold-ups, helping your customers get their orders faster and improving your parcel delivery.

Cost to Consider Before Sending Postage to Switzerland

It's essential to ensure you get the costs correct for sending parcels overseas so that the venture is worthwhile. These are some of the essential costs to consider before sending to Switzerland.

  1. VAT: The VAT regime in Switzerland is seen as favourable. However, it will apply to the majority of goods entering the nation. The current Swiss VAT rate is 7.7%, with a 2.5% exemption for essential goods.
  2. Taxes on Imports: The Swiss customs authorities calculate any necessary customs duties based on the weight and items of the parcel, not on the value.
  3. Paperwork Errors: If you're delivering shipments to Switzerland, customs documentation is important for ensuring a seamless passage for your items. Paperwork errors might cause delays and cost you extra charges.
  4. Packaging: As an international delivery service, the packaging is an expense that is frequently overlooked but can be rather important. Also, the packaging you choose to deliver products to Switzerland should have extra parcel protection and be strong enough to withstand transportation through Europe.
  5. Parcel Insurance: You may need to incorporate insurance as part of your projected costs for sending products to Switzerland, based on what you're sending, the volume, and the value.
  6. Shipping: With the proper courier service, you'll be able to provide a wide selection of cheap parcel delivery solutions to clients at a price point that fits your budget.

What Items Can't You Send to Switzerland?

The following is a partial list of the types of products that are prohibited or restricted from entering Switzerland:

  • Weapons: You must present guns or ammo, including components and parts, to a Customs Office and declare them for importation, exportation, or transportation.
  • Precious metal-containing objects must be filed to a Precious Metal Control Office.
  • Watches and jewellery that aren't real
  • A cultural asset
  • Drugs and therapeutic products
  • Narcotics
  • Plants and animals that are endangered
  • Pesticides and hazardous chemicals
  • Waste materials
  • Substances that deplete the ozone layer
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Radar-based warning systems

You can also check the Swiss Post website, Switzerland's national post office service.

Parcel Delivery to Switzerland

The parcel's length, weight, kg of your product, as well as the courier services you select, will determine the cost of shipping the parcel to Switzerland. Get a quote here to get an estimate for Switzerland parcel delivery price.

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