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Send a suitcase with Packlink

Ship your luggage anywhere in the world with us. Save time and money and avoid the stress of luggage delivery.

In years gone by, shipping unaccompanied luggage abroad was expensive and not fun. At Packlink, we're proud to have made the process much easier and affordable!

We help students, frequent travellers, ex-pats, commercial users, and many others get luggage ahead to where it needs to go every day as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Quickly ship luggage or parcels abroad

There can be many reasons why you need luggage shipping services. Be it people sending items to friends and family in other countries, to those studying at a college or university somewhere abroad, even people changing homes or moving to another country! When you need to ship your personal belongings, Packlink is your first choice. We offer cheap international baggage shipping worldwide from the UK.

Packlink ensures that you can track your package every step of the way, so you are sure to know exactly where your item is at all times.

Top-notch luggage delivery service

Our luggage service is more than welcome news for those who want to avoid the nightmare of transporting your suitcase or luggage from home via train stations, in taxis and through airports. It is the best alternative to airline luggage.

Whereas at check-in, you may have had the choice of paying excessive fees for excess baggage or leaving many of your personal belongings behind, with Packlink, you can send all sizes of baggage at reasonable rates. If required, you can send even heavier luggage and boxes for an additional fee.

Here you can input your luggage dimensions and transport destination for an instant quote.

Why use a luggage shipping service?

Reasons why Packlink customers ship their luggage abroad:

  • Send your belongings to your university to study abroad
  • Ship your boxes to make the hassle of moving with your family easier
  • Send your luggage to your hotel or residence to move for business
  • To send a gift package to a loved one in another country
  • To send your luggage before enjoying a relaxing holiday
  • Relocating abroad as an ex-pat
  • Ship musical instruments or household items without any damage

Alternative to storage: luggage delivery

Packlink offers a welcome alternative to storage for students. At the end of each academic year, students face a difficult decision about what to do with their possessions and are often ultimately forced to pay for a place to store them or throw away many of their belongings. Packlink offers an alternative solution - ship your belongings back and forth between your home and university. Baggage delivery can be handy for students.

Shipping for students

Packlink's online booking system and door-to-door collection and delivery make our service easy and convenient for busy students. When you book with us, you won't have to wait weeks for your necessary study materials to arrive. We offer super-fast transit times direct to university and college campuses.

The Packlink team is made up of former students and recent graduates. So we know exactly how stressful the prospect of moving to a university or college can be - especially when it comes to moving abroad! That's why we make it a priority to make your experience as easy as possible. With our convenient student shipping service, you can relax and enjoy one of the most exciting times of your life.

Why send luggage with Packlink?

Our luggage courier service makes luggage shipping a hassle-free process. We offer a user-friendly online booking system available 24/7. You can quickly get a quote directly from our homepage. When you book with us, you can expect the following:

  • Low-cost door-to-door luggage shipping service to most popular destinations
  • Convenient booking and delivery service
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive international shipping
  • Fast transit times with express service on many routes
  • Full online luggage tracking with SMS and email notifications
  • Dedicated customer support by phone, email and live chat
  • Easy access to any customs information and customs clearance for your luggage

Do your research

It's always good to research the company you want to ship your stuff with.

You must trust the company you use to ship your personal belongings. Packlink has over 50,000 satisfied customers, and we respond promptly through our world-class customer service to ensure our customers tell others about our great service. Most of our business is still based on referrals.

Convenient and reliable door-to-door luggage service

You can ship luggage directly with couriers such as UPS or DHL. This is a great way to ship luggage internationally. However, Packlink offers significant savings of up to 70%, compared to what you pay if you go direct to a courier. Here you can find a list of all our couriers.

Packlink offers a stress-free door-to-door luggage delivery service. You don't have to take your belongings to a drop-off point, and you don't have to make your way to collect them at your destination. When you book online with us, you will be asked to provide your preferred collection and delivery address. We will then come to you to collect your luggage on the date you selected at the time of booking, and we will deliver it directly to the delivery address.

International luggage shipping service

We understand that it is pretty normal to have concerns about handing everything over to a delivery driver when it comes to your luggage. That's why here at Packlink, we strive to be a luggage delivery company you can trust.

Packlink will keep you informed from the time you book until your luggage arrives safely to give you added peace of mind. You can track your baggage shipment every step of the way, so you know exactly where your item is at all times. You also have the option to opt-in for text and email notifications so you can stay up to date on your shipment while on the road.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer support. With years of experience in logistics, our support team are experts in shipping personal items worldwide. If you need help with your shipment, you can contact our customer support team by phone, email and live chat. They will be happy to help you.

Alternative for flight luggage

Whether you're going away to study at a college or university somewhere else in the world, moving abroad to start a new life with your family, or invested in too many souvenirs from your travels, sending luggage separately can be much more convenient and cost-effective than paying your airline's excess baggage fees.

Packlink is the ideal, welcome alternative to airline baggage. Our luggage shipping service saves you hassle and stress.

If you book one piece of luggage for your flight, you also need to consider your airline's restrictive baggage limitations when packing all your personal belongings together. This means you may only have two options, neither of which is ideal: pay the exorbitant excess baggage fees at the check-in counter, or leave many of your precious personal items behind. Whatever your reason for travelling, especially on long-haul routes, this is far from ideal.

Luckily, with Packlink, you can send oversized luggage at remarkably low prices. With us, you no longer have to worry about leaving your possessions behind.

When you send your excess baggage with Packlink, waiting for your suitcase to appear on the baggage carousel at the airport is a thing of the past. (Not to mention the possibility of your suitcase not showing up at all, which is undoubtedly every traveller's worst nightmare!)

Fast baggage delivery service

At Packlink, we know that speed is an essential factor when transporting your personal belongings abroad. After all, the last thing you want is to book a shipment only to have to wait days or even weeks for all your belongings to arrive finally.

With Packlink, you no longer have to worry about waiting. We offer super-fast transit times with express service on many of our routes. To see how quickly we can deliver your luggage to you, get a quick overview of how we do things here.

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