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Despite their small size, individuals and companies can often end up paying high prices for small parcel deliveries. Whether you’re sending a single package or plan to send in bulk, don’t pay more than you need to for small parcels. Use Packlink’s online comparison platform to help you find the lowest rates. We can help you save up to 70% compared to mainstream transport companies thanks to our commercial agreements and large shipment discounts.

Regardless if you’re sending a single package in UK or plan to post small parcels in bulk, we’ve got you covered.

How does Packlink offer rates lower than carriers on small parcel delivery?

Packlink offers small parcel delivery rates that are consistently lower than mainstream carriers and transport companies. This is because Packlink negotiates large volume commercial agreements with carriers and transport companies. We then use advanced integration technologies with our comparison platform to pass these savings directly to our customers.

When you request a quote from Packlink, you’ll be presented with dozens of quotes from mainstream carriers and transport companies based on your needs. You can examine each quote to find a service that suits your budget and needs. Whether you pick the lowest price or your preferred carrier is up to you. Packlink’s comparison platform presents all the information in a convenient and easy-to-understand interface to help you make an informed decision for your small parcel deliveries.

Is Packlink suitable for individuals or businesses for their small postage deliveries?

Packlink is suitable for both individuals and businesses. If you’re looking to send a single small parcel to someone in the country or overseas, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the best rates in the industry with Packlink’s comparison platform. Simply enter the package details into our shipping calculator and you’ll be presented with a large list of quotes from all of the major carriers.

However, if you plan to make regular small parcel deliveries or send in bulk, then you might be interested in our Packlink PRO solution. Our sales department will work with you to find you the best rates for your business. You’ll also be assigned a personal Account Manager that will assist you in obtained personalised rates that cater to your needs and budget.

Regardless if you’re an individual or business, Packlink can help you get the best rates on small parcel deliveries.

Start saving time and money on small parcel deliveries today

Our platform is simple to understand, convenient to use and will help you save time and money on every shipment. Start comparing carriers today for your small parcel shipments and save time and money on your next delivery. Use our shipping calculator tool and enter the package location, the destination, the weight and dimensions to get quotes from all the mainstream carriers and transport services.