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Courier Services Without Printer

Sending a parcel with a courier service seems like an easy task. However, there is one problem you may face - printing a label. Some people do not have a printer when they decide to ship their items. This may be an issue for some delivery services, but not for Packlink partners.

At Packlink, there are courier services that do not require a label. Keep reading to learn what companies bring their own labels and to what options it applies.

Convenient Delivery Services With Packlink

Packlink is a free online comparison platform that allows you to find the most affordable prices to send your package. We help you save money and time without sacrificing the quality and speed of the delivery. Packlink also offers a number of courier services for different weights and sizes of the package with the leading delivery companies in the market: UPS, Evri, DPD, and many others. We offer both domestic and international shipments with the opportunities of the same or next-day delivery. Whether you decide to purchase a parcel insurance, couriers will take utmost care of your package.

If you decide to send a parcel, you can search the destination and choose the rate that fits your needs and budget. Our online tools request detailed information about the package's weight, length, width, and destination to determine the price.

Why Choose Parcel Delivery With Packlink

You strive to deliver fast and affordable parcel delivery service even without a printer at your home. You can easily compare prices on our platforms by getting a free quote for any shipments. Thanks to the agreements with the world's leading delivery companies, Packlink's prices are 50% lower on national deliveries, and you can even save up to 70% on international shipments.

The cost of the delivery depends on the weight, size, and parameters (width, length) of your package and destination. You may also choose whether you want it to be:

You always receive a tracking number for every courier service you choose. If you have questions about any of the services available, you can always contact Packlink customer support.

Cheap Parcel Delivery With No Printer Required

For every service, you can request pick-up and drop-off options. The couriers go to the pick-up location, which can be your home, office, or another place and take the package from you. This is particularly useful if you need to send a heavy item or a number of things. The collection option saves a lot of time and removes the need of waiting too long in line to your local post office.

The drop-off point can also be selected in any city location, and the delivery time can be flexible. When you choose collection services with Packlink, you can be sure the couriers take great care of your parcel and ensure its safe arrival to the selected location.

Packlink collection service is available for both individuals and businesses and for any size of parcel. You can even request your parcel to be delivered the next day if the receiver needs it urgently.

Packlink collection service has lots of hassle-free and stress-free advantages. Moreover, the driver will bring the label when picking up your parcel. This may apply to selected couriers only; make sure to check before submitting your shipping details.

For the deliveries with Evri, no printer is required, as there is an opportunity to visit Evri Parcelshop and get the label for your parcel. The same applies to shipments done by UPS; no printer is required because some couriers can bring it themselves, or you need to visit the UPS office to print the labels.

Packlink strives to make parcel delivery as easy as possible by letting you send a parcel without having a printer at home.

Packlink Pro With Cheap Rates for eCommerce Owners

If you are an eCommerce business owner, there is a great chance that you need to ship hundreds of parcels every month. Packlink offers you the tool to sort out every shipment, tracking number, and progress in one platform. Parcel delivery will be well-organised and easily accessible to monitor every stage of delivery.

To access the platform, you need to sign yourself up to the Packlink Pro. The platform is free of charge, and it provides you with even better and lower rates for any parcel delivery. You can also link it to your eCommerce website and monitor everything from one place.

And if you will face any issues with courier services, you can always use our chat support.

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