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What Is Special Delivery?

Apart from standard delivery, sometimes there may be a need to send parcels that do not fit the regular conditions. Then, instead of just going to the post office to send items with Royal Mail like always, you may need to do some research in order to find out more about the UK special delivery services.

Here we will explain to you how to deal with a delivery that, for instance, needs to reach the recipient on the next day or includes items that are more demanding or have a higher weight than usual parcels. In this way, you will know what to do to send every parcel and get the right delivery time, no matter if it is from Monday to Friday or on Saturday. Keep on reading!

Special Delivery - Time of Guaranteed Delivery

The time of guaranteed delivery is definitely crucial, especially if it is business shipping, and you can lose money if your posted packages do not reach your customers on time. In some cases, if you are sending a parcel locally or to a nearby country like the Ireland, you can even get a special delivery guaranteed to reach a recipient on the next day. But no matter what the destination, you can post your parcel outside working days if you choose the right delivery services.

Weekend Special Delivery

With the weekend delivery, you do not need to wait for the next working day to order deliveries and have them collected by a courier. Some companies (like Evri) offer Saturday delivery as well, and they can come to your place to collect the parcel that needs to be delivered quickly.

It is understandable that such special delivery may be crucial for your business and may help you make a good impression on your customers. There are some businesses selling items where a Saturday delivery is particularly essential - for example, if you sell edible products, sending them as quickly as possible is crucial due to their expiry date.

Moreover, apart from a Saturday delivery collection service, you can also find many couriers that have their drop-off points (similar to post office branches) open outside of working days. Hence, if it is hard for you to determine a place where your parcel could be picked up, or you simply prefer posting your parcels this way, you can always visit a drop-off point of your choice and order a special delivery service. Afterwards, you can track the process online if you like.

Next-Day Special Delivery

If it is significant for your business to have your special delivery guaranteed to arrive on the next day, with Packlink, you can easily find shipping companies that offer their customers such quick services. Having your parcel delivered on the next working day does not have to cost you a lot - many renowned providers (such as DHL, DPD or UPS) offer such services at affordable prices.

With some services, you can have a guarantee that your package will reach the recipient at a specific time (like delivery guaranteed by 9AM) or day (a Saturday guarantee). It is one of the reasons why it may be better to have your item delivered with a courier than with Royal Mail.

When you have your special delivery guaranteed to reach your customers on the next working day or another specified date, you can be sure they will appreciate your reliability and be more likely to recommend your products or services to others.

Special Delivery - Size and Weight of a Posted Parcel

Sometimes a special delivery (as well as its conditions and prices) depend on the size and weight of a package you need to post. Let us elaborate more on that!

Special Delivery - Small Parcel

You may think that the bigger the parcel that needs to be posted, the higher the price, but there are some exceptions. Some businesses (like jewellers) may need to claim some extra protection means for their valuable products not to be harmed during delivery.

A consequential loss or damage of such a parcel would be great harm, so they need a special delivery guaranteed service that will let them get proper compensation in case something happened. A small parcel special delivery cost usually depends on the number and type of safety measures applied.

Special Delivery - Large Parcel (and a Heavy One)

If someone purchased a very big item from you, you might need another type of special delivery. Even though it may not be possible to order such a service in the post office and send it with Royal Mail, a courier company may offer you a large parcel shipping service.

It depends on a particular delivery services provider and the distance you are sending the item, but usually, the typical maximum length and weight of a package you can post are 2.5 m and 30 kg.

You may think that such deliveries demand a lot of money, but it is not necessarily true. The delivery services you can find on our platform are cheaper, and you can save up to 50% in the case of local shipping and 70% on posting a large parcel internationally.

On Packlink, you can easily compare offers on special delivery. Heavy parcel shipping is not that easy, and for this reason, the prices can be a bit higher than those of posting packages of regular length and weight, but still, you can find a beneficial offer for you with the help of our online comparison tool.

How Much Is Special Delivery?

The cost of such shipping services depends on the conditions that matter to you. For example, a special delivery guaranteed by 9AM will definitely be a bit more expensive than without such tight restrictions. If you need a guarantee that your parcel will reach the recipient on the next working day or the weekend, the price will also reflect that.

However, thanks to Packlink, you do not need to check how much are the deliveries offered by different providers separately but just easily compare them all at once. All you need to do is just open our online calculator and provide all the necessary information, such as a postcode or city and the length, width, height, and weight of the package you need to be delivered.

As a result, you will get a list of all the services available for this shipping, and you can take a look at those that cover your needs and fit your budget (taking VAT into account). When you find the best one of all the enlisted services, you can easily order it with just a few clicks. If you need any special conditions, you will get a receipt with a confirmation that the guarantee has been purchased in your email.

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