How to send a parcel to the Isle of Man.

Postage to the Isle of Man

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Send a Parcel to Isle of Man

Even though online communication makes it easier to send messages all over the world, courier services still need to be done in a traditional way. However, they have been significantly improved over the years, and now you can even order next-day delivery to another country, inside and outside the European Union, on a workday or on Saturday. It is crucial for trade, as customers can conveniently order products at attractive prices from other countries without long delays - you can buy something from Europe, America, Asia, you name it.

One of the delivery services you can order nowadays is convenient postage to the Isle of Man. As this island is close to the UK, sending parcels there is relatively common. Keep on reading to learn more about the Isle of Man parcel delivery!

Is the Isle of Man Part of the UK?

Some people get confused about whether the Isle of Man is a part of the UK or not. Actually, its people are British citizens, and the island belongs to the British Islands, but it has never been a part of the UK. It is an internally self-governing dependency of the British Crown with its own government, parliament and laws (similarly to Guernsey and Jersey in the Channel Islands). Nevertheless, the UK is responsible for its international relations in international law.

The Isle of Man Post Office Offer

For the time being, the Isle of Man Post Office has the following services concerning sending mail and parcel delivery:

Does the Cost of Postage to the Isle of Man Differ?

Fortunately, the Isle of Man stamps have the same prices as the ones you use for the UK addresses. This offer covers:

  • Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class
  • Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class
  • Next day delivery for 1st Class mail
  • 2nd class mail

However, take into consideration that some parcel delivery services may not be available with the Isle of Man courier or mail services or may come with different guaranteed delivery times.

How Will I Know How to Send a Parcel to the Isle of Man Best?

When sending a parcel with the Isle of Man Post Office or courier services, you may not be aware of the cost, customs checks, or other formalities. Fortunately, you do not have to check all the various possibilities in separate places because you can easily see them all at the same time, thanks to the Packlink comparison tool.

All you have to do is just provide the necessary information, including the weight, length, width, and height of your parcel. Apart from that, you need to specify the country of departure and collection (for example - the UK and the Isle of Man). For more precise results, it is also recommended to include information on cities or postcodes.

Then, you will find out which parcel delivery companies can take care of your postage - they can be, for example, Evri or DPD. What's more, you will see the estimated delivery time, which is crucial when your parcel is urgent. Apart from that, our comparison tool will offer the choice for the courier to collect your parcel from you or for you to go to a dedicated depot to drop the package off. Most importantly, you will know the price of every service before you accept it.

Also, when you open the details section, you can get even more information on that particular parcel delivery to the Isle of Man. You will find out when the chosen provider's customer support is available so that you can call them in case of any questions or difficulties. Also, you will be informed if you need a printer or not and if there is a list of forbidden items - usually, every courier company refuses to ship some kinds of items, so it's highly recommended to check it before you send your package from the UK to the Isle of Man or the other way round.

All in all, even though the Isle of Man does not belong to the UK, it is not hard to send a parcel there. When it comes to the post office, there is no difference in the costs of shipping items to the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Moreover, you have a wide choice of courier companies to choose from, and you can easily compare them in Packlink. After providing all the essential information on your parcel, such as the weight and dimensions, you will get a lot of information helping you choose the best service for you.

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