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Send Parcel to Guernsey

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is one of the largest Channel Islands, neighbouring the UK. It's a beautiful place, located so close and yet so different from the urban cities of Great Britain. Travelling there shouldn't be a problem, and sending a parcel over there is a breeze with Packlink.

With us, you won't need to stand in a queue at a post office and, instead, have a courier pick up your parcel. Your family, friends, or customers will receive the package promptly from you, undamaged and in good condition.

Thanks to our intuitive online comparison tool, you will be able to compare and book a courier service that matches your expectation without a hassle.

Available Courier Services to Guersnay

Packlink has supported long-term partnerships with the leading courier companies that provide excellent service. Being able to provide courier services that have established routes to many locations is a priority for us. It ensures that your personal postage or a business order will be delivered in time without any obstacles.

Sending a parcel to Guernsey, you will have access to an online tracking number to monitor the location of your item. Depending on when you send a parcel, the parcel transit time usually takes up 3-4 working days with standard delivery.

At Packlink, we offer three shipping deliveries:

The fastest one of all is an express delivery; its transit times vary from 1 to 2 days. Take into consideration that Guernsey is outside the UK, and customs checks are unavoidable. Therefore, before you send a parcel to St. Peter Port or another destination, take an extra day to have your parcel collected and checked. Note that delivery to Guernsey happens only during working days, so check for bank holidays as well. It is better to be prepared in advance.

Standard delivery to Guernsey from the UK takes 3-4 days, a bit longer than the express option. It is a suitable choice for people who need to send parcels without a rush. And lastly, there is an economy delivery that takes a bit longer but has the same available extras you can opt for.

Every parcel delivery has a tracking number given to you once the parcel is collected. The transit details can be checked either on Packilnk's site or the courier's official website.

Prices for Parcel Delivery to Guernsey

Packlink cooperates with delivery couriers that provide different rates, depending on the type of service you choose. Same day collection or next day delivery to Guernsey can come at a higher rate; however, sometimes you can encounter deals that offer those services for a lower price.

Apart from the service type, the parcel length, weight (kg), and width can significantly affect the final price. This is particularly true for heavy or large parcels that can be collected and delivered to the door on your request. And yet again you can find great deals if you need to transport a big item.

Compared to other companies, Packlink has worked hard to provide the most reasonable and affordable prices for various delivery services. That is why our customers can enjoy up to 70% lower delivery rates for international destinations and up to 50% on national delivery.

The next factor that can influence the final price is add-on services like door-to-door delivery or parcel insurance. Although it is rare for a parcel to be lost or arrive damaged, if the item you send is of great value, then insurance would be beneficial.

And, finally, you can always request an instant quote that will help you make a decision which courier company suits your budget and timing best.

How to Send a Parcel to Guernsey With Packlink?

Our comparison tool will need to collect information in order to find the available courier and calculate the rate based on the dimension and location. Make sure to put in the exact measurements of the parcel, specifically the weight, length, width, and height. Double-check whether the destination address is typed correctly. As soon as you click on "Ship now", you will see the available couriers and their prices.

For every displayed option, you can check the details. There you will see what your service includes and additional information. It also shows the estimated delivery time. In the details section, it is important to check whether a courier company has included some specifications regarding the parcel. For example, Evri accepts parcels that are no longer than 120 cm, but DPD can collect a package with a maximum dimension of 180 cm.

Once the booking is done, it is time to pack your item. The packaging guidelines are simple and easy to follow. There are 3 most important rules to remember. The first one is external packaging that should be a brand new sturdy cardboard box that won't break during parcel transit. The next step is internal packaging, and you should add extra cover around your items, moldable foam or fillers. If your item is fragile, you should consider adding an extra cardboard box. The last step is to seal the box properly so it won't open; otherwise, your item will be damaged and possibly impact adjacent packages.

Once your package is ready to be shipped, stick a label in the visible place, and add a 'Fragile' sign if needed.

Useful Information for Sending Parcels to Guernsey

There are restricted items that cannot be included in the parcel to Guernsey. The official website for the State of Guernsey has a detailed list of prohibited items that include:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Offensive weapons
  • Self-defence sprays
  • Indecent and obscene materials

Having these items shipped can have you prosecuted. The following list of items are restricted and may require a license:

  • Animals and birds
  • Cash
  • Prescription medication
  • Raw meat and poultry

When it comes to Packlink, we, too, have a list of restricted and no compensation items due to the regulations and restrictions of our partners. Therefore, it is important to carefully check what items can be sent to or from the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

International Services for E-Commerce Companies

Packlink has special offers for online retailers looking for affordable shipping rates and a unified system linked to the e-commerce platform. Our business platform, Packlink Pro, is designed specifically for e-commerce store owners. You can send, monitor, and manage the shipments to your clients and benefit from the cheapest rates offered by our trustworthy courier companies.

To access the free platform, you will need to register your account and provide basic information like your full name, contact number, and average parcels sent per month. It is worth mentioning that Packlink Pro is absolutely free of charge, and it is not subscription-based.

Once you confirm your account, you will be able to integrate it with your e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Prestahop, Wix, WooCommerce, and others. Our staff will assist you to find the most profitable rates and how to manage the platform efficiently.

Packlink Pro combines innovation and technology that makes online stores organised and well-managed. All the services available to private customers will also be available to you (standard, economy, express), along with extra services (door-to-door delivery, tracking and monitoring, insurance, etc.).

Another beneficial feature of Packlink Pro is a private line and chat support with agents who are always happy to assist you with any issues or questions. At Packlink, we offer convenience and efficiency when it comes to parcel deliveries.

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