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Postage to Israel

In this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about sending parcels to Israel, including how and where to get the most cost-effective rates and what delivery options are available. So whether you're sending a gift to a friend or family member in Israel or sending something urgently, we have all the information you need. If you are looking for a safe way to get your package to Israel on time, then read on.

Established in 1948, the State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy situated on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, and it's home to over 9.2 million people. Its position has made it a central point for international trade and finance and an important centre for culture and learning. As such, there are lots of reasons why you might need to send a parcel to Israel from the UK.

How Long Will a Package to Israel Take to Get Delivered?

As a general rule, we estimate that most parcels will arrive at their destination within 3-5 working days, and even faster with express delivery. This will, of course, depend on the service you choose and your budget, as well as how quickly it takes to clear customs. Your package may take longer to arrive at rural or remote locations than in big cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Using our free online quote engine gives you access to all the major couriers, including UPS, DHL, Evri, and TNT, so that you can compare the fastest and most cost-effective delivery solution.

It should be noted Israel has a weekend on Friday and Saturday, and your recipient might not be available to sign for the delivery during that time. Standard deliveries are typically between Sunday and Thursday.

You should also be aware of Israel's national and Hebrew holidays. Those dates may cause delays when sending a package. You can find a complete list of Israel's holidays here.

The Most Cost-Effective Postage to Israel

At Packlink, we have the most competitive pricing available. Up to 50% savings on national shipments and 70% savings on international shipments are possible. This is thanks to the commercial agreements we negotiated with the most trusted courier services and the considerable volume of daily shipments we handle daily. If you are looking for cheap parcel delivery services to Israel, your search is over.

With our free shipping calculator, you get an instant quote with no hidden fees. You can compare the different carriers rates and delivery times to find the best option for you.

Customs Clearance to Israel

As with all international destinations, you must complete a customs declaration form. Regardless of whether the goods are a gift or commercial, you must always complete this form. If you fail to complete the customs paperwork or include incorrect information, your package will face delays at customs. We recommend that you always use the services of a reputable international courier for your parcel to Israel, who can answer any of your questions and ensure that this is done correctly.

It is advised that you include recipient contact information - email address and phone number so that the recipient can be contacted if any details are missing or incorrect to assist with customs clearance.

Prohibited Items - Israel Customs

When sending a package to Israel, there are certain items that are prohibited. You can find a list of items that, due to carrier restrictions or security, can't be sent by us as well as items that we can send but can't offer compensation coverage on here.

In addition, you should research restrictions that are country-specific to Israel.

Restricted and prohibited goods include:

  • Cash (including coins, paper money and banknotes)
  • Weapons and ammunition of all types, including fireworks or blank firing guns
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Animal furs or skins
  • Precious metals, stones or jewels
  • Perishable foodstuffs
  • Illegal drugs
  • Pornographic material
  • Counterfeit money
  • Photographic or cinematographic products
  • Games based on chance and gambling accessories
  • Cordless phones

Additionally, items that are considered culturally sensitive, such as religious texts, cannot be sent without prior approval from the Israeli customs authorities.

You can contact the Israeli customs authority at

Center Customs House, 3A Israel Galili St. P.O. Box 4242 Rishon Letzion 75142 ISRAEL

or by telephone at 972 3 9421666

Addressing Parcels to Israel

It's straightforward addressing parcels for Israel delivery, as they follow the same addressing guidelines as most other countries. It should include the recipient's name and street address, the town and postcode on one line and the country on the last line of the address in capital letters.

So the format will be as follows:

David Cohen 2 Barzilai Tel Aviv 62264 ISRAEL

When sending packages to areas within the Palestinian Authority, like the Gaza Strip or West Bank, in these cases, you'll need to add "via Israel" at the end of the address.

Why Send a Parcel to Israel With Packlink?

If you want to send cheap parcels to Israel, we can offer you up to 70% savings on international services, speed of delivery and ease of use; you'll find that dealing with us is a pleasure. Combined with our enviable reputation for customer service excellence, we can offer you a superior service that will get your parcels to their destination quickly and securely.

Our customers love our easy-to-use shipping calculator that compares and offers the best deals on all our courier delivery services to Israel.

We all lead busy lives, and it's not always easy to find time to organise your parcels, but thanks to our straightforward booking process, you can plan ahead and simply enter the weight of your parcel, the size and the pick-up and delivery address. You'll then be offered a range of delivery options with the latest prices and no nasty hidden costs!

You also don't need to spend time getting to the Post office and queueing up inline. Book your parcel delivery service to pick it up at a convenient time, and a courier driver will arrive at your home or office to collect it. Just ensure your package is correctly packaged and you have printed off the label, and have your customs declaration documents attached before your driver arrives. You can check out our packaging guidelines here. If collection isn't possible, you also have the option to take your parcel to a local drop off point.

You can use our tracking facility or track your package on your carrier's website and follow your parcel's progress throughout the courier's system - from pick-up to delivery.

eCommerce Solutions for Shipping to Israel

If your run an ecommerce site or sell on a marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, we can help you save on costs, offer a great delivery experience and manage all your national and international shipments from a single simple to use interface.

Packlink Pro is a free to use platform that integrates with your shop, marketplace or ecommerce site and gives you full control over all of your deliveries. You can choose the courier, book the collection and manage all of your parcels in one place.

Sending a parcel to Israel is easy with Packlink, and we can offer you a safe and secure international courier service that you can book in just four clicks. Our professional team are here to help with all your shipment needs, whether you have single items or multiple parcels, so why not get started now?

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