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Postage from UK to Romania

Romania has one of the most high-income economies on the continent, ranking at the 10th place in European Union. It's a well-grounded partner in international trading with countries such as Germany, Italy, and its neighbours - Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldavia, and Ukraine.

With the constantly growing economy, Romania is an attractive direction for UK businesses. With Packlink, shipping internationally from the UK to Romania is cost-effective, secure, and fast.

Courier Services in Romania

The United Kingdom is Europe's second-largest economy, and although it's not the part of European Union, it still has many business connections with other nations in the world. Many companies and private individuals benefit from shipping international services from the UK to other European countries.

Romania has one of the faster-developing economies and is the leader in its region in the fields such as IT and motor vehicle production. In 2016, Romania was the 46th largest exporter of goods in the world. The country's main export goods are vehicle parts, insulated wire, cars, and wheat.

In 2018 UK exported goods to Romania worth $18.6 billion, with other services being at the top ($9.99B). Romania in the same year exported goods to the UK worth $719 million. Romania is one of the most interesting markets for the UK e-commerce companies that use international courier services to ship their products to their customers.

If you're looking for reliable parcel delivery services to ship to Romania, consider Packlink. Our platform gives you all the necessary tools to ship easily without the additional work on your part. Shipping with Packlink guarantees that your parcels will be delivered on time by the most reliable and experienced carriers.

Some Facts About the Country

  • Romania's capital is Bucharest.
  • Bucharest is also known as a little Paris due to its architecture that was designed to resemble the Parisian streets.
  • Romania has a 22,298km rail network that is considered the 15th most extensive in the world.
  • It is also the place where the region of Transylvania is located.
  • Romania's most imported products in 2020 were electronics, machinery and mechanical appliances, mineral fuels and oils, iron, steel, optical and photographic instruments, as well as various chemical products.
  • The most common products exported and imported between the UK and Romania are machines, chemical products, transportation, and textiles.

Send Parcel UK to Romania

Shipping internationally is a necessity for many UK businesses. Some brands want to increase their customer base in foreign markets. Unfortunately, since the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, shipping to other European country may not be as simple as it used to be.

It is important to ship with solid delivery companies and use tools that can make the whole shipping process easier and faster. Packlink Parcel delivery services allow you to sit and relax while we collect one or more of your packages from your home or a business adress and deliver them safely to Romania.

Tips for Sending a Package to Romania

How to prepare packages for shipping to Romania?

  • Choose an appropriately sized box for your items.
  • Pack your items and secure them with cushioning material, like plastic foams, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Seal the box with tape on all sides. Make sure that your parcel is accurately secured for transport.
  • Add a shipping label. Make sure that you're addressing your package correctly. You can use this guide on how to address parcels to Romania that the Universal Postal Union prepared.
  • Before booking a courier, it might be helpful to check the Romania customs website to avoid any unnecessary delays due to customs issues.

Cheapest Way to Send Parcels From UK to Romania

How much does it cost to ship a parcel to Romania? The prices will depend on the measurements of the package, as well as the delivery services you are choosing. With Packlink, you have access to different courier quotes, so you can always choose the most affordable option for your international shipping.

Packlink works with many courier companies to ensure your satisfaction with the best prices for all your shipping. All foreign carriers provide free internal monitoring of all the shipments we operate with.

After entering your package's collection and delivery addresses, as well as parcel length, weight (kg), width (cm) and height (cm), you can access the exact pricing information.

Customs Information

How Long Does It Take to Send a Package From the UK to Romania?

Depending on the parcel delivery options, the shipping might take 1 to 5 working days. It is also worth noting that Romanian national bank holidays and non-working days (Saturdays and Sundays) can affect the delivery speeds.

Same day delivery Romania

Packlink offers various delivery services, including Same-day delivery. This courier service is applicable when there is an urgent shipment that needs to be sent. Same-day delivery allows you to ship your parcel within the same business day.

Door to Door UK Romania

Some clients may also benefit from Door to Door parcel delivery to Romania. It is a convenient way to ship packages. You can book the courier that will collect your parcel(s) from your address in the UK and deliver them to the recipient in Romania. You do not have to leave your home or place of business to make the shipment.

What Restrictions May I Encounter When Shipping to Romania?

When shipping a parcel to Romania, it is advisable to check the list of strictly prohibited items that cannot be shipped to the country. On that list, we can find tobacco and tobacco substitutes, fertilisers pulp, the pulp of wood and scrap paper, copper and nickel, arms and ammunition.

Some of the other goods banned include:

  • Live animals; animal products
  • Beverages, spirits and vinegar
  • Mineral fuels
  • Natural or cultured pearls

Why Packlink Is the Best Choice For All Your Shipping Needs?

The world of business is changing along with technological advances. No matter if you have a small business that offers products on the domestic market or you are a leader of a large enterprise that operates on an international scale, you need solutions that are reliable and compatible with today's nature of customer behaviours.

Packlink offers a varied selection of tools and services that will make your shipping easier than ever before. Thanks to the extensive list of carriers that we cooperate with, you can always find the cheapest way to send your parcels.

Packlink PRO provides e-commerce businesses with tools to manage all their shipments from just one platform. You can send a parcel domestically or internationally with experienced carriers and benefit from various services tools, so all your packages are shipped securely and on schedule.

We aim to make shipping easy and affordable for business owners and private individuals. And with international shipments to Romania, we ensure that you have customs duty information and that the customs declarations are completed, so your parcels can reach their destination without unnecessary delays.

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