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Saturday & Sunday Delivery

For many years, it was almost impossible to get your parcel delivered on the weekend - you had to wait till Monday, even if it was really urgent. What's more, even when guaranteed Saturday delivery (or Sunday delivery) courier became available, such services were rare and expensive.

Fortunately, nowadays courier services are more flexible, and your parcel can be collected and delivered on the next day during the weekend without any problem.

Here at Packlink, we want to help you with sending your parcel and provide you with the most convenient delivery options. Read on to find out more about weekend courier services!

Saturday Collection Courier Services

Thanks to a modern Saturday post collection service, you do not have to wait till a weekday for a courier to collect your parcel.

One of the most significant advantages of a Saturday delivery service is that a recipient does not have to book a day off at work for a courier to collect or deliver an essential parcel. Many people are too busy to take care of their parcels during the week, and they need to schedule it during the weekend.

Now, you can easily book a parcel collection from a chosen address during the weekend and not worry about that! Numerous companies offer such Saturday delivery services nowadays, including DPD, Evri, and many more.

On top of that, there are many drop-off stations allowing you to send parcels on Saturday. Therefore, if it is too difficult for you to determine the best slot for your parcel to be collected, or you simply prefer to bring it yourself, you have a lot of possibilities to do it nowadays.

When you dispatch your package, you can keep an eye on the whole parcel delivery process because nowadays, all the major courier companies offer a free tracking service allowing you to see exactly when your parcel is supposed to arrive.

Sunday Drop-Off Locations

Apart from a Saturday delivery service, there are also possibilities to drop off your parcel on Sunday so that it can be sent to the recipient first thing in the morning on Monday.

Although most of the delivery services are not offered on Sunday, you can still bring your parcel to one of over 16,000 drop-off locations. Such parcel delivery services are an excellent solution for people who find it hard to keep up with the limited range of Post Office working hours due to professional or personal duties.

You don't have to wait till Monday anymore. You can have access to reliable and fast delivery services anytime you want, including Sundays!

Easy Weekend Delivery With Packlink

When you want to compare Saturday parcel delivery services or the possibilities for your package to be collected on Sunday, you do not have to visit the website of all the couriers. With Packlink, you can easily see what Saturday delivery courier will be the best for you!

All you have to do is provide all the necessary data on your Saturday parcel delivery in our online delivery comparison tool. First, you need to specify where and where your parcel delivery is to be collected and delivered. Apart from that, we need to know the weight (kg), length (cm), height (cm) and width (cm) of your parcel.

As a result, you will be provided with information on whether a next-day delivery is possible and how much it would cost (+VAT). Moreover, you will find out if the collection from a chosen location is available as a part of a Saturday parcel delivery service.

You can also deliver your parcel to a drop-off point by yourself - our online comparison tool will show you where such locations are within a certain range. You will always receive an estimated shipping time, so you will be able to compare all the deliveries and decide which one makes it the most likely for your parcel to arrive on time.

You will find numerous renowned couriers in our online tool, including internationally appreciated couriers like UPS, TNT, DHL, or GLS. Most of them can provide you with a Saturday delivery service for parcels sent on Friday - to make sure how it goes, you will receive a tracking number allowing you to check what is happening with your parcel at a particular time.

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