How to pack a laptop for shipping.

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How to Pack a Laptop for Shipping?

Make sure your laptop is completely shut off and that no connections are left connected. Memory sticks, mouse, and keyboards, for example, will need to be detached and handled separately. Smaller accessories, such as micro receivers, are easier to overlook, but be cautious when removing them because they may be damaged or cause harm to ports while the laptop is in transit.

The Battery

Lithium batteries are the most common type of battery used in modern laptops. Individually sending these batteries over the mail is no longer permitted due to safety concerns, but they can be shipped inside their gadget. However, extra efforts must be made to keep the batteries safe while in transportation. 

The laptop must be turned off, and the on-switch should be taped to prevent it from being accidentally triggered. Additionally, the battery must be insulated somehow, which can be accomplished by taping over the terminals. Finally, make sure the package is clearly labelled as carrying a lithium-ion battery so that postal personnel are aware of its contents.

If you're shipping a new laptop overseas, the restrictions for lithium-ion batteries may be more problematic, as several countries have barred the batteries from being imported by air. Always remember to double-check the legislation of the country you're sending to before sending anything. 

The Boxes

The most critical component in delivering your laptop safely is the box you pack it in. It must be sturdy enough to support the laptop and free of rips, tears, or structural damage. Although the laptop's original box is excellent, it is advisable to find an alternative if it has been squished or otherwise damaged.

You'll also need a larger box to hold the boxed laptop and additional accessories during delivery. Find a box that is just big enough to fit everything in; any larger and there will be too much wasted space.

Protective Materials 

The power cable and any other detachable devices, such as an additional keyboard, mouse, or even a USB flash drive, must be removed before posting a laptop. Ensure the laptop is securely closed and cover it in a protective layer of bubble wrap. A minimum of 5cm is recommended. Any laptop cords should be wrapped in bubble wrap separately.

How to Send Laptop by Courier

Do you need to send a laptop? There is no need to be concerned. Here's everything you need to know about shipping a laptop safely and without problems.

Arrange Collection With a Reliable Courier

Find a courier who can deliver your laptop to your desired location. Use our free, fast quotation tool to see how much it costs to ship with Packlink.

Consider Whether You Need to Remove the Battery

When sending a laptop to specific countries, such as Australia, the lithium battery must be removed from the cargo. You must leave the lithium battery in its housing for most other locations. It's worth noting that each international shipment is limited to one lithium battery.

Place the Laptop in Its Original Packaging

Ideally, you should place the laptop in its original box and any protective packaging such as moulded cardboard or polystyrene. If you don't have the original packing, find a box that's only slightly bigger than the laptop and cover it in multiple layers of protection, such as bubble wrap.

Secure the Original Packing

Again when the laptop box has been properly padded, seal it using packing tape or duct tape. The package can then be wrapped in additional protective packaging material.

Place the Original Packaging in a Larger Box

After that, you'll need to find a larger box to fit the actual retail box inside. A double-walled delivery box should be used for this larger shipment. Use protective packing on all sides to support the shop box inside the larger box, such as robust cardboard, polystyrene, or packaging peanuts.

Don't Forget About Laptop Accessories

Wrap any laptop accessories, such as adapters, in a layer of bubble wrap before placing them in the shipping package.

Include Shipping Information and Contact Details

It's a good idea to include delivery information and contact information within the package in addition to the exterior of the box.

Secure the Outer Box

Use a lot of tape to seal the exterior box. Use tape to reinforce the outer box's sides and corners as well.

Attach All Necessary Shipping and Customs Labels

Print your shipping labels and any relevant customs information, and make sure they're firmly attached to your shipment.

Pass the Shipment on to the Courier

To ship your laptop to its final destination, simply hand it over to the courier and make sure someone is available to accept it at the other end.

Choosing the Right Box to Post Your Laptop in

It's recommended to invest in a new cardboard box to mail your laptop in, as it will provide more safety than a used one. If you have the original box that the laptop arrived in, that's fantastic; however, we recommend wrapping the outside of the box first so that the contents of the package aren't revealed. 

Put your laptop and cords inside the box, with the cables ideally on the side instead of on top of the laptop. Use some extra filler stuff such as polystyrene blocks or polystyrene chips to prevent the laptop and cables from moving around in the box or directly touching the box's sides. You're ready to mail once you've sealed the box with parcel tape.

How Much Does It Cost to Post a Laptop in the UK?

The cost of sending a laptop is determined by the size and weight of your packed item. When mailing electrical products such as computers, however, it's worth scheduling shipping services with extra features, such as DPD's drop off service, which needs a signature from the recipient and provides better tracking

When sending a laptop, it's also worth considering supplemental compensation coverage; it'll cost you a little more, but it'll provide you extra peace of mind if your package is lost or damaged.

Extra Advice

To acquire the exact delivery fee, please measure the size of your storage box before placing your order. It's also crucial to double-check that the final measurements and weights do not exceed the order's specifications. Use a fragile sticker to notify postal workers of the contents of the package. While this does not guarantee safe transportation, it is a mindful precaution to take.

Now that you have a well-packaged laptop, all you have to do is select a shipping method, and your package will be ready to send! Fill out our online order form to receive an estimate from one of our dependable and trustworthy couriers.

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