Alloy wheels and tyres packaging rules.

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Alloy Wheel and Tyre Delivery Services With Packlink

At Packlink, we understand how hard it can be to find a reliable and fast courier service to send a large parcel within your country or abroad. That is why Packlink has created an online comparison tool that is easy to use and free of charge for individuals and businesses. You can find the most affordable prices for every type of parcel shipment anywhere on the website.

Shipping alloy wheels can be difficult and expensive due to their size and weight. Packlink made sure to ease the process and provide you with excellent courier service and affordable prices to send within the United Kingdom and abroad. To save time in calling a courier company to ask whether they deliver alloy wheels and tyres, you can check the dimension and prices in the Packlink comparison tool.

Apart from budget-friendly prices, the leading courier companies (UPS, DHL, Evri, DPD, and others) will deliver your package to a given location. The process of arranging an alloy wheel courier is straightforward and clear, and there are no additional costs unless you want to purchase something extra like parcel insurance.

To compare rates from different delivery service companies, you need to put the dimensions and the number of wheels you plan to send. Make sure to measure and weigh everything precisely (e.g., 4 x 4), put the exact recipient's location, and click "Ship now". You may as well request multiple quotes from various delivery options.

Alloy Wheel Delivery Cost

The final price for sending alloy wheels, tyres, and other heavy items depends on the location and dimension. You can be sure to receive only the lowest rates since Packlink maintains a continuous partnership with the leaders in the market. Thanks to that, the rates are up to 70% lower rates for international deliveries and up to 50% on national ones.

Couriers take great responsibility and deliver your parcel safely and undamaged to your customer. And if you want to have total peace of mind, you can purchase Packlink insurance that covers the costs for damage, partial or total loss of the item. The price can vary on the delivery time, and you can make a booking for a standard, economy, or next-day delivery. When everything is confirmed, you can pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Alloy Wheel Collection and Delivery

Packlink offers a door-to-door alloy wheel or tyre delivery service for maximum conform and convenience.Your parcel can be collected right at your home or office, and it can be dropped off at any given location. Collection and delivery of the heavy package is a stress-free experience, especially when you do not have the opportunity to bring the wheels or tyres to a pick-up location. Depending on the courier company, the driver can bring the label without an additional cost. As soon as the parcel is collected, you will receive a tracking number that will show you the status. You can track your parcel on the main website of Packlink or the official website of the courier company.

Alloy Wheels and Tyres Packaging Rules

To make sure your booked alloy wheel courier delivery is successful, you need to pack the item correctly. Depending on how many pieces you need to send, you can pack everything in a box. It is recommended to use sturdy and firm materials, so your item will not be damaged inside. If your box is packed loosely, the alloy wheels couriers do not always accept the package. There 4 rules that we highly recommend following:

  • Internal packaging: Wrap your item in a foam or a bubbly sheet, so it will not move inside the box. If it is still loose, add extra material.
  • External packaging: Choose the strongest material of the box. If the material is weak, your wheel will fall out and get damaged.
  • Seal: Make sure to seal the box, preventing it from opening properly.
  • Check the regulations: In case shipping worldwide, read the regulation of the country you send your item to and its rules about heavy items.

Affordable Alloy Wheel and Tyre Courier Services With Packlink Pro

Owning an eCommerce business means you have a lot of packages to take care of daily, and it is hard to monitor and organise them if everything is located on various sites. Packlink has created a platform that can be linked to your main eCommerce platform and show the most important information like tracking status, delivery time, and the possibility to book future shipments for multiple items.

The platform is called Packlink Pro, and to access its benefits, you need to register your account and provide some information like full name, phone number, amount of shipments done per month, and your eCommerce site.

Once you create your account, you will have access to the most profitable and lowest rates on various parcel deliveries across the United Kingdom and abroad. You can also bind your eCommerce platform (e.g., Shopify, Shopware, Wix, WooCommerce, eBay, etc.) with Packlink Pro and have everything in one place.

Packlink Pro was created specifically for merchants to make business more organised and profitable. Fast deliveries with undamaged parcels will increase the customers' satisfaction and bring your more loyal buyers. There is no subscription or contract to sign; Packlink Pro is absolutely free of charge. Additionally, we assign an account manager who will assist you in finding the best offers, promotions, and rates for alloy wheels delivery services and other items you need to ship.

You can also receive multiple labels for your parcels at once to save time and money instead of receiving them one by one. You can select how you want your parcels to be shipped, and there are parcel delivery options like the economy, standard, and express. You can also easily track the packages without logging in to other websites. The payments that are available in Packlink Pro are credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Packlink Pro has individual telephone and chat support from Monday to Saturday if you ever face any problems.

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