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DPD Drop-Off Service with Packlink

Sending parcels can sometimes be a real hassle. To avoid any unwanted headaches, you can choose the DPD drop-off service, which offers freedom, flexibility, and convenience - all the things that make shipping easier.

Drop-off delivery is one of the most flexible and effortless options to send parcels domestically in the UK and internationally. All it takes to send a parcel via this service is to arrange the shipping and drop off the package at one of the DPD pickup points. From there, the courier picks up the package and delivers it to the recipient's address.

Many prefer this shipping method because it's a convenient way to send parcels, especially when you are looking for a solution that fits your schedule. A drop-off means that a sender is not forced to wait for a courier at home or in the office but can drop off the package at one of the drop-off points when it is suitable for them.

With drop-off, you can send packages even during the weekends or at night (depending on the opening hours of drop-off points), and it is also one of the most affordable ways to send parcels.

With Packlink, sending parcels is easy and time-efficient. We cooperate with DPD, one of the most reliable courier companies, to offer you the most optimal services and reasonable prices for all your shipping needs.

How to Drop Off a DPD Parcel?

To arrange the DPD drop-off via Packlink, you should follow these steps.

  • Prepare your package for shipping. Make sure items inside are properly secured.
  • Measure your package (you will need measurements such as weight, length, width, and height).
  • Through the Packlink website, enter this information and delivery details such as country/countries of sender and recipient as well as adequate postcodes.
  • Choose the DPD drop-off service and pick the nearest DPD drop-off point to arrange the delivery (you can use your postcode for that).
  • Pay for the service and print the shipping label. Attach it to the parcel.
  • Take the parcel to the collection point at the most convenient time for you. Hand it over to the representative and collect the receipt.
  • Track your package via the Packlink website.

Does DPD Pick up Parcels From Home?

DPD does offer Door-to-door and courier collection deliveries, which are the services that allow shipping from a sender's home address. One can benefit from this solution as a private individual or a business owner (in this case, parcels could be picked up from a company's address).

Door-to-door and courier collection services are available for domestic and international shipments.

Can I Drop Off DPD at the Post Office?

Yes, you can drop off and collect your parcels at the post office if you're shipping with DPD. The Royal Mail has an agreement with DPD, making it possible for post office locations to be drop-off points for DPD packages.

DPD Delivery Times

Delivery times will differ depending on which service you choose, as well as the destination address. Usually, UK domestic shipments are delivered within 1-2 working days. When it comes to international deliveries, this time can prolong to 8 business days.

Packlink Courier Services

Sending parcels with Packlink will make your shipping experience a pleasant one. On our site, you can access quotes from different courier companies and always choose the most affordable option.

If you're a business owner, you might benefit significantly from our Packlink-PRO platform, which gives you many tools to automate and manage your shipments.

We offer various delivery services, including Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery, and Large Parcel Delivery, so you never have to worry about finding the right service for your shipping requirements.

And with DPD drop-off delivery, you can comfortably send your packages at the most optimal prices. All you have to do is enter the delivery details, find a DPD drop-off point and drop off the package. It's that easy.

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